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Funimation Canceled!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Not to come across as a smart A**, verizons suggestion was to subscribe to the funimation elite members program @ $7.95 a month to get the content they took away! Of course they don't talk about any rebates or discounts for the removed content either.


I'm not giving up hope yet. Hopefully the powers that be at Verizon and Funimation will come to their senses and bring it back. Stranger things have happened (the tennis channel made it back).


But,  the complaints have begun to quiet down..we need to keep the pressure on.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Verizon said Funimation was taken away due to low interest in the channel.Now there are over 40 pages complaining about its elimination. Do you think 50 pages is enough interest to bring it back? Smiley LOL

Copper Contributor KimXWP
Copper Contributor
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You’re absolutely right, Bejay!!! It has been too quiet!! That’s exactly what Verizon wants!! They want us to just fade away into obscurity! We can not let that happen!! Silence is never heard! Quitting never wins! I will not be brushed off like dandruff on their shoulder!! Funimation is worth fighting for!!!!! There is no other channel in this country that can compare!!


Verizon, enough with the Disney and CN channels! How many more mind-numbing babysitters do we need? Or programming that is so stupid you can’t even stand to watch a commercial for it? My only reason to even turn on my TV is so I can get to my DVR and I only do that so I can watch my Funimation shows that I was lucky enough to have recorded prior to Verizon ripping my heart out by removing my beloved Funimation Channel! I would rather watch my recorded shows over and over again then watch the garbage that’s available on the other channels! Hundreds of channels and there’s nothing to watch. Sad!


Sure, we can go to Funimation online but it’s not the same. The Funimation Channel is more than entertainment. It also provides a comfort zone! Funimation is a channel that is there for you at all times! Just having Funimation on always made me feel so content! All I get from my cable now, since Funimation is gone, is anger, sadness and frustration!


Funimation has always been there for me, so now I’m here for them! Being older, I don’t know how the twitter thing works but you can bet I’ll try to figure it out. I have a voice and I will be heard!

Copper Contributor wesbc
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Yeah, I've gotten the same response from Verizon about getting funimation content from online.  That's not the point.  I get cable/fios service so that I can watch TV on my 46" TV at home and not on my 15" laptop.  By their logic, I can get ALL my contents online from sources like Amazon/Netflix/Hulu, so why do I need fios at all other then internet?  I can even get phone service via skype or ooma which I'm now using too. 


I'm glad to see this topic is still on the top of the charts.  Hopefully someone come to their sense so that it gives me a reason to return.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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If it wasn't for the 12 or so channels we watch on a regular basis, I would have no need for FIOS.  Just give me my internet connection. Hell I could drop my phone service as well.


If their answer is to go to funimations website, fine, I'll stream what I want. I just need to get my 55" hooked up to display it.


How much bandwidth is used by the music channels? Does anyone listen to them?


Wealth TV, M Net? How many viewers for those?



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Don't forget to comment here



It's been getting really silent in this post

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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... and don't forget to take to Twitter as well.  At least there SOMEONE from the programming office is responding.  (and it makes me wonder why his twitter feed has been blank here for the last several weeks).

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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@Bejay wrote:



Wealth TV,  How many viewers for those?



Haven't you heard?  It's 1%!

Copper Contributor KimXWP
Copper Contributor
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This is what I wrote on the Ideas page:


Funimation needs to return to FiOS! There was no clear reason for its removal. Don’t even try the low viewership ploy. If that’s what’s being claimed then, as a customer, I would like to request a spreadsheet with all of the channels listed showing each ones scores. I also have some questions about scoring:

1. How do you tally the votes?

2. I have 2 TVs with set-top boxes so do they both count?

3. If both of them don’t count then which one does?

4. Is DVR recording time taken into account?     

5. Do you obtain your numbers from constant monitoring or do you perform a spot check here and there?


In my house, one of my TVs had nothing on except Funimation. It was being watched directly, recording programming or recordings from it where being watched. The other TV had Funimation playing from the time it was turned on in the morning until 5pm – 6pm in the evening. So did any of this count toward your totals?


Another point I’d like to make is that Funimation is a very unique channel. All of the other channels that you have can be readily replaced by another but not Funimation. And, no, watching it online isn’t the same. The main reason its irreplaceable is because its anime.  The programming is very addictive and you gain a vested interest in it. Every week you get to look forward to new episodes of shows you’re already watching. Every month there are new series to begin watching. On top of that there are the movies, specials, etc. Add to that the comfort you feel from just having the channel on and you can see there is no comparison. I never realized how ridiculous TV was until you took Funimation away. I can’t stand to even turn it on.


I truly hope you aren’t looking at Disney or CN as replacements because if you are you are sorely mistaken. Cartoons are one thing anime is totally different. Have you ever watched either of them? Never mind, I take that back, because if you ever did watch anime you would have never removed Funimation in the first place. Leaving your viewers with what you offer now is truly buying into the ‘dumbing down of America’ theme. Just watch a few previews for shows on all of the Disney channels and CN channels and then tell me I’m wrong.


You know, if you wanted better viewership all you had to do was run a 30 second commercial for Funimation on the other networks, like is done for other channels, and I guarantee you’d get your wish.  


Please bring Funimation back! I know you can find room for it. You have dozens of sports channels, dozens of foreign channels, dozens of news channels and so on and so on. With all of this you can surely find room for one more channel. One more channel that is unique, incredibly entertaining and comforting!!



Copper Contributor KimXWP
Copper Contributor
Posts: 21
Registered: ‎03-19-2012
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I have a question, is it me or did Verizon remove even the few shows that were on VOD? Also, why is there an ad for Funimation Channel on VOD with the phase “Access More Anime on FiOS (2012)”? Verizon, why must you taunt us like this?! You have no idea what anime means to people, how important it really is!!! Also, if you had this ad out earlier your precious viewership would have shot up dramatically. Do you even honestly realize how many contracts you received just because of Funimation?! Funimation was always there for you. It was always promoting your service and what do you do in return? Have you done anything to promote Funimation? The answer: absolutely not! Do you truly realize how many customers you will lose because of your actions?! The anime community is much larger and closer than you can ever imagine!



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