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Funimation Canceled!

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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I'm already disgusted with the prices Verizon charges & my wife is thoroughly **bleep** with the format changes recently made. Funimation is one of the few reasons why I am still with Verizon. If it goes, I am very likely to go as well. Since I only watch about 10 channels, losing this one would be pretty significant.  

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Re: FunimationnChannel???

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The search feature can be your friend. Not the Google search, but the Community search feature found at the top right.


Place your concerned vote here.


Read here.


Most descussions regarding programming can be found here. "FiOS TV Programming "



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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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I can't believe this!  Out of the 300 or so channels that I get, Funimation is one of roughly 2 dozen channels that I actually watch!  As soon as I got the email stating that they were dropping Funimation, I started looking at alternate cable/phone/internet providers.  According to Verizon, "This programming has been discontinued due to very low viewership and the continued effort of Verizon to offer our customers the most popular channels while keeping our rates reasonable."  I'd like to see the $/viewer statistics for Funimation and all of the other stations.  I can't believe that it's not competitive. 


"We appreciate your loyalty to Verizon FiOS TV and apologize for any inconvenience..."  And as far as my loyalty to Verizon goes, don't count on it!  I pay Verizon for a service.  The remaining channels that I watch are available through Cox/Comcast.  My contract with Verizon has expired; I've been on the monthly service for a long time now.  If I switch cable providers, then I can take advantage of the new member discounts!  I'm going to stay with Verizon for now, but if they drop Funimation on March 15 2012,I'm seriously considering dropping Verizon on March 16 2012.

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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The Funimation channel is one of the reasons I recently switched to FiosTV. Now that I'm out of the contract cancellation period Verizon wants to drop Funimation. I feel very cheated. I've called Verizon several times but could not get to anyone to take my complaint. I eventually called Tech Support and registered the dropping as a problem. Pleae keep Funimation. I record more from Funimation than any other single channel.

Funimation is the only station in the linup that runs anime for non-children. There is clearly a market for this material. Please continue to serve this market.


At the current moment I'm regretting signing a contract with Verzion for FiosTV.
Verizon please reconsider.

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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The only thing stupider than this was Netflix raising their prices. WAIT! Did Verizon higher that guy to decide this?

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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  I seem to be with the majority here.  One of the reasons I switched from DirecTV was because of the Funimation Channel.  As a parent with kids in the demographic that Funimation tries to reach (with the exception of the TV-MA anime), I find it a great way of spending time with the kids.  We usually DVR the shows we like, and watch them on the weekend. 

  Since I have seen the moderators throughout the forum, I hope that this makes it to the people that make these decisions.  Families, adults and kids don't want to lose Funimation.  If this does go through this week, I will have to show my displeasure by switching back to DirecTV.  I'm well past me two year mark, so it'll be no problem.  Thanks for the time. 

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Funimation Cancelled, Bad Decision

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This is a specialized channel with a strong following. The problem is that a series is run for a long period of time making it great to watch as you always have the ability to catch-up on missed shows but once you complete the series you stop watching until a new series starts in the genre you like. Verizon needs to look at the channels viewer history in reference to new series releases and maybe funimation needs to change their offerings a little more often and possibly watch the viewer numbers to decide when and how to adapt in order to maintain the numbers fios wants and the programming the viewers need. If it gets cancelled I will watch to see if it will become an offering in the X-Finity lineup.

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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It's obvious that this channel has lots of fans, myself included. This a very unique channel and may not be for everyone, but to cut if from your platform will only hurt you. Anime is still a growing culture here in America and is not going away. Over time you will get more veiwers, especially if you are the only one offering it.

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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I find it hard to believe that Funimation has fewer viewers than the Wow network which is "committed to providing our users with the latest As sen on TV infomercial products available."


I think verizon needs to look not only to the number of posts on this thread but to the number of posters who have only 1 or 2 posts to their name meaning they registered specifically to comment on this topic, myself included.


Get rid of the 20 sports channels I never watch (except that one that was airing a Magic the Gathering tournament that was facinating.) 😉

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Re: Funimation Canceled!

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An Open Letter to Verizon FiOS


This is in regard to current plans of Verizon FiOS to remove channel 262 (FUNimation Channel) from the Extreme HD and Ultimate HD packages, on or about March 12, 2012.


In the midst of an active discussion in Verizon’s FiOS TV Programming online forum, in which practically all members have registered their disapproval of Verizon’s plans, this response from a Verizon representative was posted on February 21st, 2012:


We sometimes make changes to our channel lineup in order to continue offering our customers the most popular programming. We try to maintain all services offered, but sometimes changes need to be made. The good news is that FUNimation programming is still available on their website ( and with FiOS Internet, you are getting the nation's fastest, most consistent Internet with unmatched downstream speeds of up to 150 mbps and upstream speeds of more than 35 mbps.




To begin, I have been a FiOS account holder, and a fan of FUNimation, for the past three years. The presence of FUNimation in the FiOS lineup was a large factor in my decision to switch over from my previous provider, Comcast.


These are my thoughts on what looks like Verizon’s official response to its forum members.


About your goal of offering customers “the most popular programming”: Based on the feedback in several forum topics on the proposed change, it can be easily argued that FUNimation ranks among “the most popular programming” to a good number of subscribers, many of whom have identified themselves as not only household viewers, but FiOS account holders. I can imagine that if subscribers had been polled about the channel change (in spite of Verizon reserving the right not to do so), there would be more voices of disapproval.


Considering that FUNimation has been a part of the FiOS lineup since 2006, and that it’s been cited by many forum members in their switch to FiOS from Verizon’s competitors, the notion that FUNimation is not “popular” seems like an arbitrary statement. Without accurate viewer feedback supporting the decision to drop FUNimation, the change appears to be taking place for no solid reason, and further attempts to support it appear disingenuous.


The fact that viewers find FUNimation valuable – while Verizon does not – highlights a major obligation any TV provider has to its customers, and that is to offer variety (Verizon appears to believe this, judging by the numerous channel changes it continues to make). FiOS TV customers fully understand that they’ll receive channels they’ll want to watch -- as well as channels they won’t care to -- as part of their monthly packages. This is especially true for those paying more per month for Extreme HD and Ultimate HD packages. They, in essence, are paying extra for programming variety. Whenever a lineup change threatens that variety, that only works against your customers, not for them. We have only to look back at the recent episode with Verizon and the Tennis Channel to test that point.


FUNimation is unique in the FiOS lineup in that it supplies a rotating schedule of quality anime programming, unavailable on other channels. The negative effect of this channel change is not lost to us who know that the art of anime is more than what airs on a handful of other channels for only a few hours a week, and that FUNimation is the best outlet on FiOS for anime fans, old and new, to explore what the art form is capable of. To arbitrarily change programming for your premium subscribers, and toss away a long-time relationship with FUNimation and its audience, can’t be a sought-after goal for a company which prides itself on offering more channels than cable (Verizon’s advertising words).


The removal of FUNimation not only lessens variety for everyone, it lessens the value of FiOS altogether for those who arrived because of FUNinimation. As customer feedback in Verizon forums indicates, and speaking for myself, removing FUNimation helps make FiOS indistinguishable from its competitors. It doesn’t matter that FiOS touts itself as “the nation's largest digital, all-fiber network”. What matters in the end to all your TV customers is means nothing if FiOS can’t offer or maintain the viewing selection wanted by its customers.


Finally, to suggest that subscribers can rebound from the channel loss by subscribing to FUNimation’s online programming ignores two things which are glaringly obvious. You are recommending that viewers give up the comfort and convenience of viewing FUNimation shows from their household TV sets, for the relatively unsatisfying alternative of viewing those shows from their desktop computer screens. As poor a selling point as that is -- made worse by its touting the “unmatched downstream speeds” of FiOS Internet to customers who already have FiOS Internet -- it pales in comparison to having subscribers add the cost of a FUNimation online subscription to their monthly TV bill. There is no good news here...just twin burdens Verizon would expect FUNimation subscribers to bear. From the standpoint of customer service, you cannot be serious about these suggestions.


I want to think that Verizon will take the time over the coming days to examine this and other customer feedback, revisit the notion of customer service, and arrive at a solution which keeps FUNimation available on the channel lineup, and helps Verizon FiOS stand out from among its competition.


Those of us who care enough about this issue to downgrade or terminate their FiOS service in response to the loss of FUNimation will be without fault. After all, they will have chosen to reward what they see as a drop in the quality of Verizon’s programming, with a drop in the quantity of Verizon’s revenue. I will prepare to adjust my service with Verizon downward based on what happens in mid-March. On behalf of everyone who enjoys FUNimation, I sincerely hope that Verizon won’t allow me to do that.


Sometimes changes don’t need to be made.




[forum user victrolacola]



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