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Funimation Canceled!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Does Verizon really think that allowing 4 to 5 shows on demand can really take the place of the Funimation channel? I am not satisfied and I wont be until I see the Funimation CHANNEL not Funimation on demand because it really is not the same.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-17-2012
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Verizon it would be really nice if you stopped treating your customers like we are stupid.  It's pretty pathetic for spokes people for your company to lie and say Funimation did not offer their channel as a stand alone premium service.  Prior to your negotiations ending with them Funimation directly appealed to Verizon customers to specifically request the channel as a premium HD service.  Also when asked about Joe Ambeualt's specific comments saying Funimation never offered there channel as a premium service they directly refuted this.


Just more evidence as to what Verizon thinks of it customers.  You are all terrible, terrible people.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Absolutely correct.


Joe Ambeualt has also stated via that Twitter feed that the number of customers requesting Funimation channel was only a dozen compared to the millions of FiOS TV subscribers.


Again, I say HORSE HOCKEY.


I'm sure if we count the people JUST IN THIS THREAD, it will be greater than a hundred (and most likely hundredS).  Couple that with the many people on Facebook, Twitter, and Funimation's own message boards/FB/Twitter, and that number is most likely in the THOUSANDS.  Now add in all the casual watchers, those that never thought to voice their opnion on-line, and all the people calling, and the number grows even more.


Verizon thought they were cancelling a kiddy channel that played cartoons.  Instead they are finding out that they cancelled a channel that had a MUCH broader appeal - especially to adults and the ones paying the monthly Verizon fee.


I'm sorry Mr. Ambeualt but none of  what you have said, nor what your minons have posted here, jives with what Funimation has been telling its fans.  One of you is not telling the whole truth, and I'll bet that person is you.


I'm not sure how to post a link to a Twitter Response, but here is the one in question:



@AntonioLife25 agree there r a dozen or so asking, but there were more than a few million that had access to it to put things in context


Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Generally speaking, any one person posting is equal to around 100 that may feel the same but don't post.  And every snail-mail letter is equal to approx 1,000 that don't.  The VAST majority of viewers don't complain.  Most are not aware of this forum or, more often, think it's a waste of time.  As others have noted, the VZ explanations don't hold water...but that's the business world.  By definition, the bottom line must always increase at the expense of consumers.  Sad, but that is how things work.

Copper Contributor KimXWP
Copper Contributor
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Verizon is just finally realizing how important Funimation is to us and that we’re not going to let this issue die!! Because of that they are trying to justify their decision by coming up with ridiculous lies! For Verizon to say a dozen is just laughable! The one single petition I got a chance to sign (and there were others I didn’t know about) had thousands of signatures alone! Not everyone knows how to respond or how to voice their opinion or where to do it! Calling Verizon was absolutely useless!!! I called prior to finding this post and more or less was blown off! When I called I told the rep that I wanted to lodge a complaint due to the removal of Funimation. She said she had no knowledge of the situation but instead tried to get me to sign up for another 2 years because my contract ends soon. Well, they can forget that!! So it makes me wonder how many people did complain but their voices were never heard!! I can almost guarantee that not one of the complaints phoned in was logged!! Verizon can not pick and choose who it wants to count!!!


And as for Funimation wanting to stay on Verizon, I still have recorded programs on my DVR with Funimation’s scrolling banner on the bottom saying they are trying to find a way to work with Verizon. I guess those are a figment of my imagination!!


Come on, Verizon, bring Funimation back!!!!!!!! You have channels from all over the world so why can’t you find room for Funimation? Consider it a cultural exchange with Japan if that helps!

Copper Contributor Russmcfaul
Copper Contributor
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Since Verizon selling point for me was the Funimation Channel and they don't offer any other anime channels.  When my contract is up I'm saying goodbye.  All that needs to be said is word and mouth can be a good and bad thing.  Since I am unhappy of your services and taking away THE MAIN CHANNEL I WATCH there really isn't anything good to say about Verizon FIOS other than they take away channels that you like to watch.  Just admit your wrong and bring Funimation Back as a channel not as On Demand crap.


An alternative way of bringing back the Funimation Channel could be paying extra for the channel like HBO and the other moive channels do.  I would pay extra for that (other than the fact I payed extra money to get the extreme HD package that funimation was under).  I payed extra to get the channel I can do that again.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Oh wow!  you have to be kidding!  I saw petitions with over 3,000 signatures!  FUNIs website had a so much activity as did the Otakon fb. 

Who is this lying man? 

Justdigi, you are 100% correct; VZ thought for sure they were cancelling a children's channel that maybe a parent or two thought was 'inappropriate' and replaced it with mind sapping disney. 


Unfortunately, I have not had an opprtunity to hear what this joe dude has to say regarding FUNI.  From what is mentioned in this forum, he sounds like an **bleep**! 


I will not be satisfied with the pitiful selections on demand.  I can not believe VZ insists that FUNI did not tery to stay on the air.  Oh yes, someone is definitely telling a lie, and I hardly think it is FUNI considering the banner that scrolled constantly the whole last month thanking their fans for the support and they were trying to work things out. 




BRING BACK FUNIMATION, VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-08-2009
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I don't have a Twitter account, but I have been going in and reading @FiosTv's tweets.  It's interesting.....


Most of the negative things that Joe Ambeualt and/or his office replies to on there are about Funimation Channel.  I mean, it's a LOT...  Several per day.


Since he (or his office) sees those, I think we need to mobilize everyone who doesn't have a Twitter account and/or who hasn't set a tweet @FiosTV to do so.

Contributor hotarudragon
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I'm glad our family made the switch to Verizon years ago because I finally had Funimation, to satiate my english dubbed anime needs. To have my fangasms with Vic Mignogna's voice, to fangirl over Josh Grelle's voice, squeal with joy over Jerry Jewell's voice. Up until recently we were about to switch to Xfinity, but Verizon convinced us to stay on, I didn't care as long as I had my funimation. I came home last month to find that it's been taken down. That really saddened me, especially since Panty and Stocking is coming out soon. How am I supposed to watch the dub now? D:<

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I would spend money on Verizon's on demand movies and other premium stuff, but I've been spending so much money buying Funimation DVD's lately. Oh well, I'm happy to put money in Funimation's pockets directly since I can't enjoy their wonderful channel at the moment

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