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Game of Thrones disappeared!!

Game of Thrones disappeared!!

Copper Contributor Busybean
Copper Contributor
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I recently added HBO to my Fios plan because I wanted to see the first season of Game of Thrones. I managed to watch three episodes when the series vanished from On Demand. Why? Will it come back? I'm desperate. 

Copper Contributor FIOS-GURU-NY
Copper Contributor
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It happens sometimes. The same thing actually happened to me with the first season of Boardwalk Empire. Try using HBO GO which is included with the HBO subscription. They might have the entire season available there.

Contributor Cuffy564
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It may come back on demand once or twice a few months before the new season.Keep looking for it every few months you will catch up

Admin Emeritus Admin Emeritus
Admin Emeritus
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Yep! Gone for us, too. But fortunately, they actually are on HBO GO, so you can watch them on your computer and catch up. You have PLENTY of time before the next season starts (unfortunately - I want to see the next season asap!).

Contributor AndyO
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So why does Comcast HBO On Demand have it???

Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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My guess is either that Comcast pays more or gets a better deal because of having more customers.

Pretty sure available via HBO GO.

You can watch via most smart tvs, roku, apple TV etc.

Yes I know you shouldn't have to use something extra, but there is a lot more content via HBO GO than on demand.

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Contributor AndyO
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Yes, well, I'm seriously thinking of going back to Comcast. I canceled them and got FiOS because of the terrible customer service from Comcast, but now FiOS is even worse. If we can't even get the on demand package that Comcast gets, it's stupid to be here.

Contributor Bfremgen
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Well you can buy G.O.Ts on Verizon. How fortunate for them.I
Copper Contributor wicked-warlock
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I have already complained about moving to verizon and shows not updated.  They are too busy trying to sell you the series instead of offering the services you alreay paid for.  I am at the point of going to BBB and getting out of my contract.  While I hate my comcast connection dropping speeds, apparently verizon isn't any better after seeing the forums.


At least for watching on demand, comcast is light years ahead of verizon. 


A very disapointed customer.

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