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Grandfathered Extreme TV HD vs. new Extreme TV HD

Grandfathered Extreme TV HD vs. new Extreme TV HD

Contributor mencik
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I simply want to know the difference in channel lineup between these two plans offered at the same price. Chatting with order specialists online was useless, as neither one I chatted with could even find the plans that I mentioned, even though I offered to send a screenshot of what I was staring at on the Verizon site. Anyone know how I can find a list of what channels were added and what were taken away if I should move to the new package? It really should not be this hard to find that out.
Contributor McFly
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I was told by a chat room rep that switching to the new Extreme HD TV from the grandfathered Extreme HD TV results in losing Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, RLTV and GSN.  But, I'd like to see a comparison that shows the 2 line ups side by side, to see for myself.

Contributor JustLetMeRead
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Yes!  Why is this information so hard to find out? 

Is anyone from Verizon watching this forum? 


I have +exactly+ the same issue. My contract has ended, and I'm not opposed to signing a new one, but the page tells me my grandfathered Extreme HD has different channels than the New Extreme HD package. So - it should be able to tell us WHAT is different. 

Why is this so hard to do? 

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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum.

But a quick google search found this:


Supposedly has a comparison tool.

Haven't tried it myself, but give it a try.

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Contributor jimm1
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In addition to the above channels ALL local Boston stations have been removed ffrom the package. My old Extreme HD has 455 Channels. The new one has 406 and all Local channels are gone!

Contributor CrashD67
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Richmond VA has the same problem as Boston that jimm1 mentioned.  The grandfathered Extreme HD plan shows 363+ channels, the current Extreme HD plan shows 378+, but the local stations -- ABC, CBS, NBC, even the digital channels like METV, Antenna, etc -- are grayed out for the current plan.  Odd thing, the CW channel is shown available for the current plan. 


The options given were "upgrade" to Ultimate (with even more channels that we don't watch) or "downgrade" to Preferred (and lose some channels that we do watch).  I wonder if there's a mistake made when indicating the available channels, but has it been like this since September??

Contributor Ot123
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I researched this with Verizon Attendant. The local channels are removed from the Extreme HD. The [romotion said 'get more for less'. It should actually say 'get less for less' or 'get same for more' with Ul;timate package.

Contributor Jason875
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A little late, but I researched this and found:


Channel Line Up

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