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Guide IS Wrong Again

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Hbo right now has a movie called crazy stupid love with listed on the guide but what is actually playing is big momma's house 2: like father like son. Crazy stupid love according to the guide is scheduled to repeat at 7pm but it will be the big momma martin lawrence movie instead. You are also having issues with abc news now where if you were to look at it you would see that nothing matches. Then there is the matter of channels that have no schedules for them like channels 1509,1548,1781 where it is impossible to set up anything to tape because there is nothing there on the guide to tape. Channel 1507 is off by an hour and nothing matches on channel 477 soy latino tv. Telehit channel 1662 is entirely wrong right now and channel 1664 ritmoson rarely matches. This guide data problem is a huge issue for a lot of people where if you think that it is going to go away on its own then you are wrong. Now i know this is a place where people are encouraged to do the jobs of verizon employees for them but with this issue the corrections are only an email away if a verizon employee were to look at this and pass it on to the proper network data group. Your customers are willing to work with you if you want to see to it that this issue can finally be resolved but until that line of communication is established more and more customers will start to reconsider the9ir decision to have you as their tv provider if apathy is all that they see from verizon. If you were to go to tv guide's website you will see that the big momma movie is listed there on the fios guide where it has the correct schedules for the channels that i mentioned were wrong.  

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You people at verizon are either already on strike, clueless or just plain apathetic when it comes to trying to fix the issues that exist with the service. The guide data continues to get worse and worse with each day that passes where there appears to be no end in sight with how bad the data is. There are entire channels where nothing matches but no one at verizon has any interest in trying to correct those problems which reflects poorly on the company and the people who work there. Channel 1507, channel 477 nothing matches and now channel 1664 ritmoson every single show like the shows on those other channels nothing matches at all. Cnn espanol 1540 is finally correct but for only 1 day which is today monday but for the rest of the week the 11am show will not be listed correctly and the same goes for the regular cnn channel which is correct today but tomorrow in the morning it will be wrong. What i menitoned on here are just a few of the many issues that exist with the tv service which includes your tmz widget not having updated in 3 months. Now this is a matter that will not go away on its own and i have spoken to people who are at verizon who are managers/supervisors of the people who monitor these forums where there are other people who are seeking to try to find out why they continue to advise people to post the issues on the forums where moderators will then pass it on but no one does. Yes it is peer to peer but  when your own supervisors say this is a way to try to get things fixed then maybe you should listen.

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Of all the positives about FiOS one gigantic NEGATIVE has been the guide content. I've been a subscriber since 2008 and the guide content was bad back then. It's obviously not a priority to Verizon because in the 4+ years I have been here it's still as inaccurate and riddled with errors as ever.
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It's been like this for years. Verizon uses a small wrinky-dink company out of Dallas area called FYI http://www.fyitelevision.com/

Their contact email is:    lineups@fyitelevision.com


I've been contacting Verizon and them for years, and nothing changes. Repeat shows in syndication (I'm talking like original 80's Cops episodes) being listed as NEW in the guide. Movies with remakes listed as originals, and completely wrong summaries. My local channel changed programming last week, however it was never updated. I'm thinking maybe by 2020 it might be right, but even then who knows


Goodluck...and if I could change anything it would be the guide it's basically useless

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The problem with the guide goes back to when fios started in 2005 where i found threads where people were letting verizon know that the guide does not match what is actually playing where they continue to have bad data and choose to do nothing about it where they have forums that customers are making them aware of the issue but no one at verizon it appears to people has any interest in correcting it once they have your money. They do have people who can correct these issues but those people do not want to make the corrections or send it through to fyi television to make the corrections and they hate when people point out how inaccurate it is because it is a reminder to their managers that they are not doing their jobs. Now a reason for this could be that not every customer is aware of the forums but if they were i can guarantee you that they too would also be on here complaining about the problems with it. If you were to take a look at the verizon ideas section with the community favorites you would see that people have been imploring verizon to get a new guide provider for years but verizon promised years ago that "major changes were coming soon that would far exceed people's expectations of what to expect from the guide data." Now the change providers idea goes back several years and there were only 55 votes to get them to drop fyi. I find it very hard to believe that only 55 people have issues with the guide so maybe if it were the most voted for idea it might get people's attention. That remake of a movie thing when it really is the original is always an issue. One of the movie channels just had listed some movie called freaky friday with lindsay lohan when it was actually the original from 1977 with jodie foster. I've been working behind the scenes in my own way getting things corrected for everyone but i will not go into that on here. I will however bring this to the attention of the verizon ceo when i talk to him again to remind him how his employees have no interest in doing their jobs even though he is paying them with our money that comes directly from our monthly bills . Direct tv customers are going to be looking for a new tv provider based on the latest contract dispute that they are having but if verizon is who they end up choosing they too will be on here complaining about the guide.

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55 votes makes a difference? I think their whole system if built around the FYI guide interface, and they ain't going to spend any money to fix it.


Look man! BBC America has over 400 votes to provide that content. Do you really think votes makes a hill of beans?


Not unless it is a good idea Verizon can turn a profit on, and costs them little to no money. Votes don't mean squat! I used to think they did when that board first started and was in 100% support of it. Joe was involved and I really thought changes would take place. Some did and some actually may have made it into the 1.9 and 1.91 img. But votes Ha!

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Silver Contributor II
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You know i have had enough of verizon's reluctance to fix things that they know are issues with their service where i have been doing the jobs of verizon employees for them along with fyi television's employee's jobs and the employees of all of the tv channels that i have been in touch with on behalf of all verizon customers. I am also like most people fed up with the flat out lies that they have been making for a very long time where no one has done anything to make sure that people are getting what they are paying for each month when they pay their bill. If you were to look at the community favorites thread that has 56 votes now on it you will see in the comments that were made on there for the change guide providers topic you will see that verizon employees were promising significant changes where the customers would have the ultimate guide that would far exceed what the competition has. As usual verizon lied  If you are not getting what it is that you were made to believe that you would be getting when they snookered you into a long term contract then at the very least that contract should either be nullified or it should be heavily discounted in the areas that you are not receiving what it is you were promised. Verizon's ceo's personal information where you can call him up is on 411 info if anyone wants to contact him directly.

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It happened AGAIN last PM here in the DC metro area.. I scheduled the DVR to record "Nashville" on WJLA (ABC station here) from 10-11 PM as it wasn't convenient to watch it live. I happened to notice at 10:55 that the DVR record light was not on. I quickly turned on the TV and saw that the guide was listing a bogus program on that station from 10:30-11 PM and that my recording had stopped at 10:30 as a result. A quick glance at the TV showed that Nashville was still on, near the end of the episode. Although the guide was correct earlier in the week when I set the DVR, I missed the entire second half of that episode due to a guide error. Although it is a supreme pain, I might just have to begin setting every recording I make as a "custom" recording strictly by date and time which is MUCH less convenient (and leaves me vulnerable to missing parts of shows when network scheduling changes due to sports game delays etc.). This is NOT the service I signed up for!
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