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Contributor Jay3000
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OK does anyone know what is going on with HBO GO? Is it the app is it verizon? When I try to log in you cant type anything in when you choose fios. I have seen other threads but all those people can actually type something in. Its not letting me type anything in the fields. It does the same thing with Cinemax. I know its something with Verizon or HBO because all the other providers I can type something in to try it. I know other people that are having the same issue. Does anyone know whats going on!? Please help!!

Copper Contributor jacksonb967
Copper Contributor
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I'm having the same problem and it seems that no one from Verizon is monitoring the chat or trying to offer online assist- it  is extremely frustrating to pay for something that is not being provided....


Contributor jayjr
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Over the past couple of weeks, HBOGO will often show me not logged in. When I attempt to log in, I receive the response that I am not subscribed to HBO even though my account shows my subscription. This has happened unite often.
Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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I have posts in the tech Assistant forum



This has been happening to me as well. Mpre in the past 2 weeks than Ever before.


HBO GO is out again. It worked for me for literally One day. Now it says that I need to subscribe to HBO . Same thing for Cinemax.

At least WatchESPN is not affected this time. Knock on Wood

Now idk if it is VZ's problem or HBO anymore.

I just want it to work, and not to reactive my devices every time I log in, etc

Any one else still having this problem?





Update: after waiting on hold 55 mins, the VZ tech did confirm that the HBO Authentication Servers were down. (again).

It is just about the waiting game now.


Contributor m_staley
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I am having the same problem.  The HBO Go app on my iPad says i need a Fios TV HBO subscription, which I already have.  Have been trying the online chat support, but no one is responding to questions there.  



Contributor kfrencher
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Same problem here.  HBO GO is great when it works.  I hate that you have to access it through your Verizon account.  If they want to make all their users go through a TV provider the least they can do is make sure it works.

Contributor Kushtaka
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Same issues here, can't log-in to HBOGO even though I've confirmed that I have HBO when I log in to Verizon. Sick and tired of seeing this red garbage.

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Was this ever resolved for anyone? I have similar problem but HBO go crashes after displaying Verizon FiOS login screen. Crashes before I can enter my password. Max go does the same thing. It has worked in the past. It works fine from my computer.
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