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HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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Hey, I recently tried to start using HBO GO, because it seems like a good thing to have to watch all HBO stuff on the go and what not.  When I tried signing on with my MyVerizon user and password, it gave me an error saying "Single Sign-On Error : To watch videos, you will need to subscribe to FiOS TV with HBO. Order online now."

This message also appears when I try the sign up option.

So, both the sign up and sign in give me the error and I am 100% that the user and password are correct because I'm typing this message with the same account but different display name.

It thinks I don't have HBO, but I am subscribed and I have the HBO package or whatever.


ANY HELP would be great


I've seen a lot of forums from a year ago with the same exact issue, so I am bummed I'm having this issue now.



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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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I'm also having this issue..i barely made my verizon ID like a week ago and i cant sign in because it says im not subbed to hbo go. I saw the forums from a year ago and it seems its something with merging the .net and ID username together or something but i dont understand. Are u automatically assigned a .net account or what? Im so confused right now and i want HBO Go for the xbox console for my kids but i cant get it. Sucks. Its so stupid we need an email to get hbo go. any help would be appreciated.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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When you sign up for service, you usually go through an activation.  it creates an email address for you and a password, and it links all of your verizon GO services together.  


If you don't have a verizon email address, or can't check your mail from your verizon login, then that is part of the problem.  


you need to get your VZID (it ties directly to your email account) and you need to go to and log in with it.  when you log in with that one, it will start trying to merge your username that you used when you registered with verizon's website, and then your services really should start working like you expect.    that is what happened to me, and I have a suspicion it happened to a lot of people too. 



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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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 may also want to follow this gentleman's advice.  Message 10 seems to have gotten it down to a science. 



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Employee Emeritus
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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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Since we haven't heard back from you via the private support board or have received a form submission, it appears assistance is no longer required. If you need any future help with your Verizon service, please make a post here on the forums so we can assist.


**If someones post has helped you, please acknowledge their assistance by clicking the red thumbs up button to give them Kudos. If you are the original poster and any response gave you your answer, please mark the post that had the answer as the solution**

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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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You probably  had a verizon account in the past, and left and went to another company. Then switched back to verizon fios. If this is the case you need to activate your new verizon account because HBOgo and MAXgo is recognizing your old account. Register your new account here This worked for me, and i hope this works for everyone else.

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Re: HBO GO Problem Signing in/Signing up.

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05-08-2013: Verizon fixed this for me after I tried everything listed here and it did not work.   My HBO GO worked fine until sometime in April 2013 and then HBO GO wanted my device to activate as if it had never been registered.


I am a long time Verizon customer with old accounts for mobile, DSL and then FiOS that all got merged over the years. 

Verizon support called me back and  informed me I had a "" username that should be used rather than the "" username I use to check my account.  I had never heard of (or had forgotten) the .net one.


After resetting the password on the ".net" username, I was able to re-register with HBOGO.  It gave me a new HBO ID and I lost all my old HBO ID settings, but it worked.


I am still not clear on the total difference between my "" and "" usernames.  They now carry different passwords.


For what it's worth, my friend uses a different carrier and also lost their HBO GO registration at the same time I did.  Something changed and noone has been able to describe it yet.

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