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HBO HD on Demand

Copper Contributor h4xdaplanet
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Is HBO planning to offer this ever? Big Love doesn't look too good in SD Smiley Tongue
Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus
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Hey H4xdaplanet,


I am not sure about the HBO HD on Demand, but I do know they have HBO HD channel.. it's usually 899..  Hope this helps out at least some..

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Copper Contributor skottey
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We are all fully aware that HBO HD is available on channel 899 but what the OP was asking is why you don't have HBO HD VOD when Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz all have some of their stuff in HD on VOD. Is it just that it doesn't exist yet from HBO or is it that you don't have an agreement to carry it? I too would like to watch both HBO movies and series in HD on VOD. My wife and I enjoy Cathouse and other shows and if we don't record it on the DVR we are forced to watch it in SD on the VOD service. Showtime has a nice selection of HD on their VOD. It wouldn't as big of deal if the DVR had a 2009 sized hard drive (like a 1TB) but it really cannot hold a lot of recordings in HD at 150GB. Heck, even if you enabled and allowed eSata, USB, or firewire external drives like some other providers, we would be happy to add our own storage capacity. But having a small DVR with no external storage, combined with SD only on the HBO VOD, we are pretty limited here.


So, Does HBO VOD in HD not exist yet from Time Warner (which seems odd since Cinemax HD exists) or do you just not carry it? 


If it exists and you just don't carry it, please start carrying it. If it doesn't exist, let us know and we'll take i up with HBO. Thanks Verizon rep. 

Bronze Contributor II
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HBO used to provide HD on Demand but they have since ended it. So, it is not available on any provider.


As a result, you'll have to take it up with HBO.

Copper Contributor skottey
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Really? HBO used to have HD VOD but stopped? Did FIOS carry it? My previous provider Bright House Networks had HBO On Demand from about the time it started and never carried any HD VOD from them or any other premium channels. It was all SD with the premiums VOD. But then when I switched to FIOS they had all those other premium VODs in HD and I, like the original poster, thought that was odd that there was no HBO HD VOD. I remember when HBO was the must have premium channel and everybody else was second rate. They carried all the best movies and series. It is almost as if they are trying to let Showtime take the lead. Showtime now has Inside the NFL and many of the desired shows. Starz has many of the desired movies. HBO cancelled excellent shows like Carnivale and Lucky Louie prematurely. HBO, what's up?? You are LETTING Showtime take control of the premium channel industry. It is a good thing Verizon offers the Movie Package with all of them because if I had to pay for them all a la carte I would probably only get Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime and skip out on the TMC (some providers seperate The Movie Channel from Showtime, some don't) and HBO.
Copper Contributor izub
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I used to have HBO HD on demand with Comcast but that no longer is there either...It is certainly an HBO decision and a rather strange one.
Contributor Jerseyman
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HBO stoped giving out vod hd about a year ago.
Copper Contributor skottey
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Are you just OK with this? Did they give a reason for taking several steps backward when other channels are moving forward with HD VOD? It would be like the nation building a new super highway system. They build it, like HBO built the system to distribute HD VOD, and then sure, there is a cost to maintain that highway, like there is the HD VOD system, and then they just up and decide to close the highway system like HBO turned of HD VOD. WHY???? WHY??? WHY???? This is clearly something subscribers want. Again, it is almost like they are purposly running themselves into the ground and letting Showtime take the lead. Crazy. My God, they own Max and they still have Max HD VOD. I just don't get their thinking. Maybe they intend to start selling their overpriced DVD shows (I almost fell to the floor a few hears ago when I saw the $89 price tag on Carnivale Season 1) on bluray for the HD viewer. But that is never going to fly the way they do their shows. Fox or Viacom shows, among others, usually charge $35 for a season of a show and if you get it the first week while it is on sale it is more like $25. Not HBO. When an HBO series comes out they are often much higher. There was no excuse for the 12 episodes of Carnivale Season 1 to be $90! What would they charge for this on bluray???? $130 or more? For one season? What are they thinking? Just turn the HD VOD back on and get a reality check HBO. You are not that great, never were. But you are certainly going downhill fast in many areas, including this business of having HD VOD and then getting rid of it about a year ago. {please keep your posts courteous}


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Copper Contributor h4xdaplanet
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Right. I know I had HBO HD on VOD with Comcast about a year ago, but it has since then disappeared from there too... why would HBO stop giving out HD?
Copper Contributor Chitchatjf
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HBO HD on demand seemed to be limited to Sopranos episodes.


They never shopwed movies in HD on demand.


I just record stuff to the DVR


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