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HBO and several program channels being drop ...

HBO and several program channels being drop ...

Copper Contributor Emskware
Copper Contributor
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I'm in NJ and HBO was not a part of my package.  Crappy Showtime is, though.  I pay extra for HBO, as I have with every single cable company I ever subscribed to!

Contributor SCompA426
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YES WHAT IS THIS **bleep**.... im reading about this topic aswell on the DSLReports forums.. says that HBO is going to be dropped from the Ultimate package in NY & NJ as well as the Extreme...... YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS FOR ME TO SWITCH TO OPTIMUM ALTICE .... AND THEY GIVE HBO IN OPTIMUM GOLD, SILVER, PRIEMER PACKAGES =)  just saying... 

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Not counting new customer pricing, are their packages with HBO similar in price to FiOS?

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Contributor NNT1
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Actualy they dont. 

Contributor sls612
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Just received notification that HBO will be dropped from my service.  And Cinemax, which who cares about that.  When you look online their ULTIMATE package has four premium channels, SHOWTIME, STARZ (hardly premium) and EPIX (who even watches this channel). They advertise 4 but what is the 4th?  Fees are going up and up and what do I have to show but 8 year old equipment and less channels.  Hmm, can you say Roku?

Contributor Davidmp
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Same here have had the Ultimate package for 3 years now and it is being dropped in RI. I am also curious about this and will call for an explanation.  I am not spending the same amount for less.  HBO is the only premium I my family watches. 

Contributor skverskk
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In January of 2017, I signed a legal binding document commiting to a 24 month plan which included Cinemax as part of the bundle.  


When I got this bogus **bleep** letter telling me they're dropping Cinemax in 30 days and that, if I wanted it back, I wou;d have to pay for it.  As far as their 24 month agreement, well, they could care less and went further on to say, "there is nothing I can do about it. It is what it is, period"  They even offered to terminate my entire account, ON THE SPOT!  


When I left Comcast, I thought things would be better.  And they were, until FIOS pulled their slick under handed illegal scam.   What FIOS failed to consider is that they became legally bound to a 24 month deal that had monetary penalties if I decided to change my mind.  But, it's ok for Verizon to change the  terms and  conditions of the deal and, at the sme time, flex their almighty muscle and tell me there is nothing I can do about it.  


Well, Verizon, think again.  There is something I can do about it and I do have options.  So, you remove Cinemax from your legal contractual obligation and I will make the final move.  I believe it's called CHECKMATE.

Contributor Danaug
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So first you stick us with terrible AOL email, where they sell my email address, and I get loaded with spam. Now you tell me that you are dropping Cinemax.  Let's recap:

1. No Verizon email service

2. No Cinemax

My question is this: How much are you going to lower your price? Or, should I look for another service?

Contributor RichinDC
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Just opened a letter from Verizon, whereas they stated it's dropping Cinemax channels from my FIOS package but will offer them at a later time for a fee.


So in essecne, I'm getting less for the same price...what gives Vereizon? 

Contributor Joeperi
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 I just received a letter from the "loyalty Marketing " department telling me that they are elimination Cinemax. So my question is: Will they reduce rates or replace with a substitute.

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