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HBOGO login system broken AGAIN

HBOGO login system broken AGAIN

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OMG why is the HBO GO authentication system broken AGAIN... after months of successful use, when logging in, you get the error message "you need an HBO subscription" ... of course i have had a subscription for a long time...  this error happens every few months.. no one at verizon can help you... you just have to wait until someone at fios notices something is wrong and they fix it... so I am posting this to make some noise!!! PLEASE FIX

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me too, can't log in - so annoying!

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Employee Emeritus
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Hello ibrenticus,

HBO GO is not working for you because you have not created a .net account.  I have sent you a private message with a temp user name and password and instructions on how to create one.

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I am having the same technical issue - HBOGO says I need a subscription - when I have had successful logins in the past.  And I have a .net account (I think) I have email, I can log into but then it ships me over to  


My successful HBOGO has been with my .com login credentials.  Has there been a change?

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I have been unable to log into hbogo now for the last 2 days. I've been using it for months and now it's saying I need to subscribe to HBO in order to use the service.  I'm obviously already subscribed, so there is a problem with the login authentication.


Please fix this Verizon.


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My account is still not working - I have been using it for months, too, and now when I try to log in, it tells me I need to subscribe to HBO. I have been subscribing to HBO for a long time and have not canceled my service.

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Verizon has poor tech support.

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My account isn't working either. I called Fios tech support and it appears that have never heard for the problem. There should be one massive complaint about this issue.

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Wow!  I should've looked at the forum before even subscribing to HBO and expecting to enjoy HBO Go!  After one agent explained I had to access HBO Go by logging in with my email address, it worked.  Now it doesn't.  Agent today said a email isn't used to log-in, just to use my verizon user id and password.  Surprise, it still doesn't work!  Now I see why they offered me a deal to sign up for HBO, no one is able to use it and therefore must be dropping it and Verizon too.  I have been very disappointed with this option and the quality of answers I have received from the Verizon support.  If anyone from Verizon monitors this Forum, a solution to this problem should be found and posted. 


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Works fine for me with my email and Verizon acct number!

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