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Has Reelz Channel (channel 233) Suddenly Become the Documentary Channel?

Has Reelz Channel (channel 233) Suddenly Become the Documentary Channel?

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Turned to the Reelz Channel -- channel 233 -- today (Thursday, 11/20) only to find the Documentary Channel on in its place. It was still the Reelz Channel just yesterday. Even stranger, the FiOS Guide still lists it as the Reelz Channel and lists all of their shows. What gives?


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It looks OK here in NY
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Once again today (Friday), the Documentary Channel is in place of the Reelz Channel here in Southern California, while the FiOS guide continues to list the Reelz Channel and its programs. I had assumed that it was the same situation in all FiOS service areas, guessing that maybe Verizon lost its licensing agreement with Reelz (ever though they've only been carrying it since the channel realignment in Oct.).


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All weekend long the Documentary Channel continued to be shown in place of the Reelz Channel while the FiOS guide continued to list Reelz programs. Now, Monday afternoon, the Reelz Channel is back on! Judging from the lack of response to this thread, either this was a fairly isolated occurance, or there's just not too many viewers of the Reelz Channel. I just found this to be a very strange incident. Even for Verizon.


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I don't think many people watch that channel, but keep us posted. The Documentary Channel is from Canada, it's odd they would carry it. Keep us posted though, next time you see it I will check it out too.
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The Reelz channel and Documentary channel probably are on the same sat and someone pushed the wrong transponder button.



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