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Home Media DVR

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Registered: ‎11-20-2008

Home Media DVR

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Has Verizon developed a fix for the error message "unable to locate hub"?  This occurs frequently when watching previously recorded programs on the secondary boxes.  As a result, you have to start viewing the program from the beginning which is a real nuisance.  The only response thus far has been, "it's a known synchronization problem and we're working on it"  Thanks
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Gold Contributor III
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Re: Home Media DVR

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Its in the new 1.6.1 update coming out starting today. 


VHO12 Portland, OR, VHO13 Seattle, WA
VHO7 Freehold, NJ, VHO8 Philadelphia, PA
VHO15 Buffalo, NY, VHO14 Harrisburg, PA
VHO5 Queens, NY, VHO6 Burlington, MA
VHO4 Silver Spring, MD, VHO9 Richmond, VA, VHO9a Norfolk, VA
VHO2 Temple Terrace, FL, VHO10 Ft. Wayne, IN, VHO11 Pittsburg, PA
VHO1 Carrolton, TX , VHO3 Pomona, CA


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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Home Media DVR

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Tim what about the rest of the NYC area? Any idea? Also will this be an automatic update or will we have to do womething for it to take effect?
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Gold Contributor III
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Re: Home Media DVR

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It will auto update, nothing will have to be done on your part. And I would think all of NYC will be done at the same time, I would think they are all on the same VHO. But I am not sure. 
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Re: Home Media DVR

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Yes, all of NYC is in VHO5, so 2/10/09 will be our upgrade day.
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Copper Contributor
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Re: Home Media DVR

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Sorry, I am a Newbie to the board (do ya hear the "pop") Smiley Wink


Being in Ventura County, CA, my systems setting says VHO 3303. Is this part of Pomona, CA VHO 3 ?

I tell you, waiting till March (3rd) is a long time. Is this fix exclusively pushed on a regional enterprise scale, or do you think I can get a tactical download to my Multiroom HD DVR if I call and itch about it ?


Being an Engineer, I sure would like to see the s/w release notes summarizing the list of fixes in this new code rev 1.61, as it relates to the Multiroom HD DVR.


Besides the message "unable to locate Hub" error, I get another, apparently unrelated, nagging freeze issue which forces me to restart at the beginning. Appears to happen when I select FastForward / Skipping on a playback of a recording within my HD STB. I am trying to correlate events which may trigger this, but I "think" it has to do with getting within 15 - 20 minutes of catching up live to that show as its doing a "live" recording. Any help would be appreciated.


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