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Hoping the FIOS will not put Al Jezeera on our system

Hoping the FIOS will not put Al Jezeera on our system

Contributor JSchaff
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Registered: ‎01-03-2013
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Fellow FIOS people, is there any news on whether Verizon is going to add Al Jezeera? How do we avoid this awful channel? Time Warner has already stepped up. Have you heard anything re Verizon? I can't get an answer from the company.

Contributor thetheory
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Registered: ‎07-04-2010
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Please don't comment on something you know nothing about. If you had ever watched Al-Jazeera, you would realize that it is hands down the best network in the world when it comes to covering international news. Don't believe what you hear on Fox News. Al-Jazeera is not the media wing of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, or any sort of terrorist network that simple minds say they are. They are just a group of brilliant news people that do on a consistent basis what Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc. could not do on their best day - provide unbiased coverage of breaking news and in-depth stories on topics that matter 24/7.


But, hey, DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Watch for yourself and make your own decision. Go to their site or thru their YouTube channel and tune in for 15 minutes. Knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Silver Contributor I
Silver Contributor I
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You're getting Al-Jazeera, whether you like it or not.  They just bought Current-TV (which FIOS already carries).

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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If you don't like it, don't watch. Just please don't advocate to get rid of it so no one else can watch. It sounds like TWC wanted to get rid of Current anyway, and the change of ownership gave them a legal right to terminate the contract.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Yeah, this topic has a high probability of bringing out the xenophobes. I've watched AJAmerica, and found them bending over backwards to be non-partisan. They remind me of the Christian Science Monitor, an excellent newspaper that refused to go along with the media trend of hype and alignment to either of two political views. While they saw their job as simply reporting the facts, too many people really wanted a news "viewpoint". So be it, It's their business to run as they see fit, just don't present entertainment, and call it news. And this is not a criticism of the poster, just a criticism of the "News" media as it exists today. Just another step in the cartoonization of America.

Platinum Contributor I
Platinum Contributor I
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Check channel 457 at least it shows in my zipcode and has been for a while. Are you talking about a different channel?





Silver Contributor III
Silver Contributor III
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I agree with thetheory's post.  Whether Al Jezeera, BBC, or some other channel anyone wanting to be informed on world affairs need to be exposed to world media.  Foreign does not mean false.


All governements and media have an agenda and practice some form of propaganda to get their message across.  It is important to distinguish between what some one believes and what someone says they believe.  That is accomplished by listening to both sides, not just one.  In other words:  use multiple sources for your news.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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If you have CurrentTV then you are getting Al Jezeera.


Don't want it or like it?  Go to SETTINGS - FAVORITE CHANNELS, and delete it.

Contributor katietsa
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Registered: ‎01-04-2013
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you are so right! i watch at times myself and they do have great coverage of world news and not once have i seen the  "death to america" people on it,people are ignorent to what they know nothin of,i watch because i have family members overseas and its interesting i have seen nothin reportin on hate for us or anythin,the guy above who asked is just being a nubSmiley Very Happy

Contributor hummer1
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Registered: ‎01-06-2013
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I do have a choice whether to watch Al Jezeera or not. I also have a choice of cable companies too. Brighthouse is refusing  to air Current. My contract is up with Verizon and if they don't announce soon to drop Current, I will be going back to Brighthouse. What is really scarry is x vice president sold it to Al Jezeera because they share his values...I didn't know he hated America.

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