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How to search for movies in Guide?

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How to search for movies in Guide?

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I'm looking for an easy way to search through the daily movies shown in the Guide. There appears to be no way to search through the Guide by the term "Movies" I have to scroll through all the movie channels one by one and hour by hour, to know what movies are on that day.


When I do spot a movie that looks good, there is only an abbreviated plot synopsis and no production date, director or star rating system.


On Time Warner, which I just left, you could call up the guide, then search through all movies, and could even break it down to search through all dramas, or biographies, etc. I left because there were very few HD channels and FIOS has many more movie channels.


Only trouble is, it takes a long time to find out what movies are actually on.


I tried searching through Menu <Browse by interest <Movies, but the movies listed do not appear to reflect all the movies in the Guide, and the list does not give the viewing times, you have to hit OK a few times to get that. Plus the synopsis is also abbreviated..


Anyone know an easy way to do this, or a website I could use?





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