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Keep Fox25!

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Typical renegotiation shenanigans.  Yes the two of them haven't yet reached an agreement.  Its actually FOX25 (Boston area for all of us who aren't familiar with this channel), that has said it will pull its channel on 11/27 if an agreement isn't reached.  They would love to get Football fans mad at Verizon. 

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@GG13 wrote:

This is complete **bleep** !!! Are you kidding me your are going to drop the network that carries the NFL and MLB playoffs along with local news and too many other programs to mention. I don't care about the breach of contract if Fox goes I go to hell with Verizon and their WAY OVERPRICED services.

These One and Done posters are always too funny and so incredibly MIS-informed.  FiOS is NOT dropping FOX, what is happening is FOX wants MORE money per subscriber from us, the consumer. They'll reach a deal at some point, it not going to be permanent. Now  you do REALIZE that FOX wants MORE money which means you are going to pay MORE. The reason Verizon is WAY OVERPRICED as you complain, is because FOX and all the other content providers are asking for MORE AND MORE money.


Why don't you start complaining to FOX as well!!! It's a two way street. You want to pay less for FiOS, fine, then get the content providers to lower their prices.

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Aside from all the annoying pop-ups thst npw plague me whenever I turn on the TV, I learned 11/23/14 that I may lose my football games on Fox if you don't negotiate the new contract with Fox. With the amount of monet I pay to Verizon each month for Fios, I should not have to be concerned about losing Fox!! 

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We just signed up for Verizon a few months ago from another cable company. We would have NEVER signed up for Verizon if they told us Fox was not going to be available. This is a major station, just like ABC, CBS and NBC.  We were giving a list of channels and now they are not the same.  They are not holding up their part of the agreement. 


They are going to lose a lot of customers. I hope it was worth it for them.  I am also wondering as a current customer why I wasn't notified of this change? I saw it on the news. 


Not a happy customer

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Just one more reason to go here-> http://www.cutmycord.org/


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Oh come on, it's painfully obvious that this is a troll thread created to get verizon customers convinced that Verizon is at fault for FOX 25 demanding more money. I wonder how many of these posters were created by Fox 25 interns in the last week...


TV was set up to make it's profits off of paid commercial advertising. Cox comes in, buys FOX 25, rips through the talent it doesn't politically agree with (Fires Doug Goudy/ VB) all in the name of content control and $$. Now Fox 25 (Now owned by COX, a cable provider that directly competes with FiOS) is intentionally trying to goad FiOS customers into demanding to pay more money for what they already get!


 Don't be fooled people, this is the TV version of the bottle bill or gas tax...convince you that you must demand to pay more money. I get Fox 25 perfectly in HD with an antenna if need be. I'll wait it out and watch Fox 25 lose all that $$ from ratings and revenue.


Fox 25 wants to take it's ball and go home. They point out that FiOS pays ESPN $6 per subscriber...


Well FOX 25...I know ESPN...you're no ESPN.


You're an OTA basic channel that would be dead without cable/FiOS distributing your product and getting eyes on your commercials.


The best summary of what is really going on can be found here



You want a nightmare scenario for both? A-la-Carte pricing...you only pay for what you watch...then people who watch fox could pay $8 a month for it and $20 a month for ESPN...but then you're only paying for the 2 channels you watch. That seems like a lot but it's a lot less than $150 a month for the 6 or so channels you watch 90% of the time



@bisceg1 I would cut my cord in a second if it weren't for NESN and my inability to give up on Bruins and Redsox live in HD

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I can't believe verizon is even considering dropping Fox 25!  this is a long standing channel in Massachusetts for many many years.  If Verizon does not renew Fox 25 I will have not choice to drop verizon Fios even though I have had it for many years!  I watch many shows and sports!  so disappointed in Verizon.

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It's funny seeing people register and post one time to this thread instead of just reading some of the other posts above that helps explain the situation really well.

People are always so quick to point fingers without knowing facts.

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Our household has been watching Fox 25 since the day it debuted in Boston and hope FIOS can iron out the details to keep it on our channel line-up. Fox has a presence in the channel line-up that can't be replaced by any of these fly-by-night channels that get gobbled up and eaten by the big broadcast and cable networks.

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Their should not be any reason a television provider should not offer it's subscribers all of the local broadcast channels. If fios drops FOX 25, I recommend if you are still in a contract, to reduce to absolute minimal programming, get an antenna to receive your locals, and drop fios as soon as your contact is up. I don't even watch 50% of the channels I receive anyways. This should not be an issue. Absolutely absurd.
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