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Looking for a Channel?

Looking for a Channel?

Silver Contributor V
Silver Contributor V
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Wondering what channels are available on FiOS TV in your area? Here's an easy way to find out! Simply go here and enter your zip code. There you'll see what packages are available in your area, along with each and every channel within those packages.


Let me know what you think!


Contributor carolhaisam
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I would like to be able to set my preferences to show just the channels I subscribe to in the tv listings. Is this possible?



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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it's not possible through the Verizon site.. the only and best way I found to do this is the following site





once you enter your area and input the channels you want on the list to correspond with what you receive in your package, you're set..  I have mine set up to only include favorites, not all the channels I never watch.. works great.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Hi carolhaisam,


If you are looking to customize the online Verizon TV listings, then I'll defer to avemaria92's answer. If you want to only view the TV listings for channels you subscribe to on the STB/DVR Guide, then the answer is yes.


Use the remote control buttons to navigate to and select the following settings:


  1. Menu > Settings > Television > Genres & Filters > Enable > OK
  2. Menu > Settings > Television > Last Viewed Guide State > Enable > OK
  3. Guide > Options > Subscribed Channels > OK

That's it.


(Keep in mind that after a box reset, the box will forget the Guide setting and you will have to repeat line 3.)

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Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Go to tvguide.com, and enter Verizon FiOS as provider.


You can customize the entire guide with whatever channels you want listed ... or omitted.  I delete kids channels, spanish channels, shopping channels, various religious channels etc.  Works well.



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Gold Contributor IV
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@charliewatts wrote:

... You can customize the entire guide  ... I delete kids channels, spanish channels, shopping channels, various religious channels etc.  ...


Evidently if I'm shopping for a religious gift for a Hispanic neighbor's child, I should look elsewhere (smile).


Copper Contributor jerro
Copper Contributor
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thats what Comcast does even on the digital adapters. If I had know I may not have switched to FiOS.

Contributor halmorr
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What has happened to MHz Network - on Verizon TV, channel 463 in Southern California?  For the past week they have broadcast ONLY NHK World Japan.  Has MHz moved to another station?

We love MHz

Contributor Damionlawson
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I wonder when you will carry EFTV http://www.eftv.com in the Tampa, Fl area? dish network carries it.  It has programming such programming on a the Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers.  I really want it.

Contributor TonyVz
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Thanks for the tip!  I had been looking for the public access channels for my community. 

When I look at the TV Guide on the TV, I see many similar-looking channel descriptions for all of the neighboring communities in my area.  They all have the same designation, "Community Access" and "Local Origination".  You can't tell them apart.


However, the link that you had in your post provided the actual public access provider description, e.g. the school district, the municipality, the public access, etc.


Why doesn't the Guide provide that information in its channel display, as it does for all of the other, non-public access channels?


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