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Please add MAV TV to the TV line up


I cancelled my Comcast cable because FIOS had speed channel in HD. Now that Speed TV has changed to Fox sports 1, they have eliminated GEARZ, My Classic Car, Car Crazy and some of my other favorite car programs. These programs have been picked up by MAV TV and i want to see them.

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Location: Richmond, VA
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Verizon dropped MAV TV about a year ago after carrying it for a long time, so I don't see this happening.

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Location: Long Beach, California
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MAV TV on demand is available but these programs are not there.  Maybe you could contact MAV TV and get them to add the programs to their on demand offerings.

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When can expect you to return MAV  TV to the TV  line up?  YOU dropped MAV TV a  few months ago and I want it returned!

Also Blue Highways / TV while I'm asking!

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Since SPEED was also dropped and replaced by sparce and poor coverage by FOX 1 Sports and FOX 2 Sports.

MAV TV is the best channel  available.

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Location: Eagleville, PA
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MAVTV wrote:

Since SPEED was also dropped and replaced by sparce and poor coverage by FOX 1 Sports and FOX 2 Sports.

MAV TV is the best channel  available.

The Speed channel was not dropped, FOX shut the channel down and FOX replaced it with Fox Sports 1. FOX is also the one who replaced Fuel TV with Fox Sports 2, not Verizon.  Verizon had nothing to do with those decsions. And I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for MAV TV to return. When was the last time Verizon brought back a channel after they, Verizon,  dropped it. I don't ever recall that happening.

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MAV TV currently shows World Rally Championship in the US. I can't find any WRC on MAV TV FiOS on demand. Please add this channel back. Thank you.


Edit: I just realized I should have posted this in the ideas forum. I'm sorry for bringing this thread up.

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Location: NJ
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I'm a motorsport fan, and I have to admit MAV TV simply doesn't have enough big league content to warrant a linear channel.

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Verizon FiOS Please Bring Back Mav-TV ,


Its under completly new ownership now ( Forrest Lucas of the Lucas Oil products empire) he has changed it into a mostly Motrosports network similar to the now defunct Speed channel. 


They have plans to start showing Live Sporting events (Like the Chill Bowl Race for exemple) which would not be accesable Via On demand until well after the event was over if at all. 


Its a entirly new network and we would really like to see these live events please please please bring it back!!!!!

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It is returning, at lest to ultimate, 6/10.

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