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MLB Extra Innings HD

Contributor Tlon
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So, I know the MLB package only includes one HD channel right now (~ twelve games per week).  Does anyone know if there are plans to add channels?  In Demand can do more, up to 40 games per week.  One HD channel for MLB is really pathetic. 


Assuming no one knows or there are no plans to add more HD channels for MLB, what is the best way (any way?) to petition Verizon for changes?  They're customer service reps on the phone don't seem to have any idea about anything related to the channels. 

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Contributor Tlon
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Sorry, the title should be MLB Extra Innings HD not HB (edited).
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Employee Emeritus
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As you know we get the channels from indemand so your best bet is to petition them...not vz.  There may also be contract/legal reasons why they are only able to offer the one HD channel too. 
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Bronze Contributor II
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As Charles stated - you'd be best to petition InDemand. From my understanding, the way they transmit the MLB package to FIOS and other cable companies (via satellite) can only handle one HD channel at this time. Meaning, they only have so much bandwidth on their transponder to provide the games.


This is a limitation with InDemand's production facility. I'm sure if they offered more than one HD channel, FIOS would have it.

You can not compare this to what DirecTV offers - two different packages.

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