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MLB Extra Innings

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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After 5 good years with DirectTV's Extra Innings I changed to Verizon's version. Paid the same price, without the 4 installment plan. But the biggest rip off is that Verizon, according to their schedule broadcasts 40 games with 10 in HD per week. DirectTV broadcasts 80 games with 40 HD per week. This for the same price.

I talked to a "manager in Tampa" and he was at a loss, he checked with someone and said that we forward everything we get from MLB to the customer.

So who's responsible for this large discrepancy in the number and quality of games and HD provided? Is it Verizon? Or is MLB playing games with the cables because it was forced to open EI and shut down it's exclusive deal with DTV.

Something is wrong with this open rip off of Verizon customers. I will push it, with letters to Verizon, MLB, my Congressman and the FCC.

Tired of being Taken for a fool in Tampa.

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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The extra innings package should be the same between any provider, if this isn't true, please provide me with some good information/links/etc. MLB Extra Innings is provided by iNDemand. I don't understand how you think people are getting ripped off what's ever.


If you are unhappy with the amount of HD games, maybe you should contact inDEMAND about why they are unable to offer VZ anymore HD channels? It can also go back to MLB and the local broadcasting rights (who has rights to bring you the stream for that game).

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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As Charles has pointed out (and has been beaten to death on this forum) - the MLB EI that DirecTV provides is completely different than the MLB EI that Verizon and any other cable operator provides.


FIOS TV and the others - all have MLB EI provided through InDemand. They only provide 1 HD channel at this time due to issues / capacity at their distribution center.


DTV already has all of the HD RSN's in their lineup, due to their national coverage. All they do, via a separate agreement with MLB, is remap those channels into an "Extra Innings" range so that DTV customers can see many HD channels / games per day.


This issue is not VZ's fault, it is InDemand's, so - if you have an issue, please contact them.


Believe me, I'm a subscriber to MLB EI, and would love to have more than 1 or 2 HD games per day, but to claim VZ is ripping you off is far from the truth.

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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Thank you for the info. And please excuse the curtness of my post, I was more than a little frustrated with the response received from my local VZ service reps. I signed on with VZ instead of DTV because of loyalty to VZ and when I learnded that I was receiving half the progamming provided by DTV for the same price my loyalty to V suffered.

Ideally VZ & the other cables will push Ondemand and MLB to geat this fixed. Anyway you cut it we VZ subscribers are getting the short end of the stick.


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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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Well, I signed up as an "iN DEMAND Advisor" tonight, hoping I can try to influence them to add MANY more MLB games in HD to their offerings.  I would suggest that all MLB fans who are FIOS subscribers do the same thing.  You can sign up through inDemand's home page ( by clicking on the "click here to join" link in the lower left hand corner, or go directly to and click on "Click Here to Join" on the right hand sign of the page. 



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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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We are now at the end of 2009, and if Verizon truly wants to lay claim to their a deal needs to work out a deal to bring the same level of service to MLB EXTRA INNINGS package that Directv customers enjoy for the same pricing with more features and HD. One to two HD games a day is not quality. true FIOS mlb fans need to rally to recieve what we deserve before 2010 season begins.

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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any one hear about the 2010 season yet i have been looking and were about 2 months away and i dont even see any news on it how to order it or anything

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Re: MLB Extra Innings

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They don't start taking orders until pretty late. The first week will be free, and you can still get the early discount price then. As for HD, Verizon depends on iNDemand for its feeds, so they're limited to what they can provide. At this point, I think that 2 HD channels exist, but Verizon only has one. If you're new to Verizon, baseball will be on the same channels that currently have NHL Center Ice. Their website is


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