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Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Hello everybody I am in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area (Fairfax County) and I want to known when will MSNBC HD be available on FiOS? I look forward to hearing from Verizon Customer Support Smiley Happy


Thank You


Smiley Happy

Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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From what I hear, no time soon.
Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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So from your conversations with people how long should it take to get MSNBC HD onto FiOS?





Gold Contributor V
Gold Contributor V
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From what a Verizon employee posted on another forum, he said they have no interest in carrying it right now since MSNBC has an exclusive contract with Cablevision. The SD is blocked out of the NY area, so Verizon feels there is no sense right now to even carry the HD elsewhere. I agree with them.
Copper Contributor MarvKirsch
Copper Contributor
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does anyone know when the Cablevision exclusive contract to distribute MSNBC is over?  Simple question that no one has, or is willing to give, the answer.
Contributor SteveF
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To hell with New York. I want my MSNBC in HD in Texas. I don't care what kind of fued they are having with Cablevision. It's not happening im my area. If you want to be one of the top providers in the US you need to act like one - and out scoop your competition. Come on Verizon. This is the kind of new channel offering you promoted when we signed up.


At least put some kind of news out there about it.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Verizon is getting big enough that they can have some sway with a channel.  Verizon wants this channel, but they want that exclusivity thing in New York to go away.  If MSNBC will work that out with Cablevision, everything will be just fine.  If not, there's 1.5 million homes that won't get MSNBC-HD.  Someone will scream "uncle" eventually.  This is what a major provider does.  They don't roll over and acquiesce to the demands of a competitor like Cablevision.  Good for them.

Copper Contributor rmlef
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Does Verizon reply to anything????
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Silver Contributor III
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@rmlef wrote:
Does Verizon reply to anything????

A VZ employee did reply in another thread about MSNBC.




 Post #2. 



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Copper Contributor SIMARLOW
Copper Contributor
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The thing is, the exculsiivity agreement doesn't even cover all of New York City...I'm in Staten Island, and I get MSNBC SD, so why can't I get MSNBC HD? Verizon seems to have no intrest in expanding their HD lineup, when their competitors are catching up quickly. There's no reason why we should have channels like BBC America HD, when there is no exclusivity agreements limiting them.
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