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March Madness Live App Restrictions

March Madness Live App Restrictions

Contributor arby71
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I am a triple bundle subscriber to Verizon Fios, including a Custom & Family TV Package.  I also have an AppleTV.  With March Madness now upon us, last night I downloaded the March Madness Live App.  In past years, I've used this app and enjoyed how you can watch multiple games on the same screen.  Really enhances the viewing experience.


Well this year I can't utilize the App beyond the first few hours of free access that is available to anyone with an AppleTV.  The underlying problem with my access is, according to Verizon Fios, that I no longer have a suitable TV package (I downgraded to the Custom & Family TV package since last March).  This restriction seems very unfair given the fact that through my Fios TV package I subscribe to ALL of the channels that broadcast NCAA tournament games (TNT, TBS, TruTV, CBS).   If I am already paying for access to the requisite channels, what logical explanation is there for Verizon Fios restricting my use of the March Madness Live App?!?!?


As far as I can see it, there are two general explanations for this situation.  One is benign: that when negotiating the deal with the producer of the March Madness app, Verizon didn't consider the possibility that a customer could subscribe to all of the requisite channels through a lower TV package; this seems unlikely.  The other and more likely explanation is that Verizon wants to use this app as a hook for getting customers to spend more money on higher level TV packages.


I attempted to resolve this problem over a long series of chats last night with four different Fios support groups (customer service, technical service, etc...), and in the end I was told that Fios can do nothing to remedy the situation since it's a third party app issue.  Hogwash!


One simple solution would be to temporarily upgrade my TV package at no cost to overcome this (intentional or unintentional) technical hurdle.  That's a a simple, common sense, no cost solution to Verizon Fios that would keep this long time customer of Verizon Fios happy.  When I raised this suggestion, it was repeatedly shot down by the various Fios support personnel.  


This situation is infuriating.  The customer support person said this was the first time he's heard of this situation, but I'm sure that I am far from alone here.  And, the lack of responsiveness from Verizon here exacerbates the situation.  If in fact this an attempted money grab from Fios, it's backfiring.  


I realize this vent would be better directed to Verizon customer service rather than posted to this forum.  I tried to find an email address to which I could communicate the above, but the only contact options I could see were chat, social media, and telephone number; each of these options are far from ideal for communicatint the rather lengthy summary above so here I am. 


Perhaps Verizon customer support will see this post and provide a fix to this problem, but I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for that to happen.



Contributor Mike1725
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Yup, Verizon sucks!

When compared with Comcast and Direct TV where it's only 2 clicks to watch a show Verizon wants me to set up accounts at each station (unlike Comcast or Direct TV).


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This is mainly a peer to peer support forum. Verizon does not respond to posts.

Its possible that if your package does not include sports programing, that is why you can't use a sports app. May not make sense if you have access to the channels themselves, but could be the cost of a cheaper package.

Don't understand the comment on clicks to watch a show. Are you referring to online or via channel apps?

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Contributor arby71
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My faith in Verizon Fios has been restored!  They fixed the glitch and was able to use the March Madness app.   Cable companies still suck!

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