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Contributor shirl13
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I have always had Metv on channel 23 and noticed today it is still listed as Metv but says it's Plum tv with their shows.

i checked on Metv site and it says Verizon channel 461 is Metv, but there is no 461 on Verizon Fios. 

Where did Metv go??

Copper Contributor mileydog
Copper Contributor
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ME TV is supposed to be on channel 461 starting today October 1. Right now I get Plum TV on channel 23. There is no channel 461 available.


I hope Verizon puts ME TV in it's entirety on channel 461. When it was on channel 23 before October 1, about half of the programming was paid commercials.


Please give us ME TV in without paid commercials on channel 461 today !!

Gold Contributor I
Gold Contributor I
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As of this morning, in VH08, ME TV is live on channel 470.
Contributor oldmoose
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I just got this email from METV in response to a query I made (red color added by me):


As of 10/1/12 we are excited to Welcome a new affiliate to your area - WCVB

Below are the ways you can now watch Me-TV Network:

You can watch Me-TV in the Boston area:
OTA: WCVB - 5.2
Beld Broadband: 75
Charter: 235
Comcast: 292 or 306
Metrocast: 295
RCN: 29
Verizon: 461 (Later this week, stay tuned…)

You can watch Me-TV in the New Hampshire area:
Over the air: WMUR - 5.2
Comcast: 298 or 308
Metrocast: 299

If you are watching with an antenna and are having trouble seeing Me-TV on channel 5.2 try doing a channel scan.

DIRECTV & Dish do not currently carry WCVB channel 5.2 In many instances neither DIRECTV or Dish Network will carry digital subchannels. We know it is frustrating. We do suggest that if you are a current customer to request they add WCVB channel 5.2 to their line-up. Hopefully, they will in the future. We appreciate your support!

If you are a Verizon customer Me-TV will launch later this week on channel 461, keep checking back…

For cable viewers: If you cannot see Me-TV Network on the channels listed above, please contact your cable provider for more information. Be sure to tell them it’s WCVB channel 5.2 Me-TV Network.

For other questions or comments you can contact WCVB directly at 781-449-0400

Thank you for watching!
Me-TV Network


Copper Contributor ex1895
Copper Contributor
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METV is/was my favorite channel.  I sure hope it becomes available again real soon!

Copper Contributor mileydog
Copper Contributor
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Any updates when ME TV will be carried on channel 461 in central Massachusetts? The last date given was October 1, it's a week later and it is still not available.


Now that Plum TV is on channel 23, there is no ME TV at all.  Please bring ME TV back !!

Copper Contributor mileydog
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-30-2011
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Any updates when ME TV will be available in Central Massachusetts?  It was supposed to be carried on channel 461 on October 1, we still do not have it on October 21.


My sister in-law in the Lowell MA area has Xfinity which carries  BOTH  ME TV Boston and ME TV New Hampshire.


What is taking so long?


If we will not be getting it, please tell us so.

Contributor moschnerrick
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I am also a huge metv fan and was very disappointed to find it gone from channel 23. Only by doing a internet search did I find that it will soon be coming to channel 461, BUT WHEN!!!!! I want my wetv.

And also like a poster before me said, I would like the complete listings without the annoying infomercials.

Copper Contributor mileydog
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-30-2011
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Latest news is that  ME TV will be available on December 1, 2012 in central Mass on channel 461.


Sort of funny that my sister in-law in northeast Mass who has Xfinity gets both the Boston and New Hampshire ME TV channels and does not watch them.

Contributor danmar55
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It is on!   Just appeared on ch 461 today.

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