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Missing Channels since switching to Fios

Missing Channels since switching to Fios

Contributor AJP
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Registered: ‎04-05-2011
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Our family just switched from Cablevision to Verizon. I cannot speak highly enough about the internet service (especially with the reliability nightmares we had with cablevision). The TV service has been great as well. However we noticed there are much less HD channels on Fios than there were with Cablevision. Unfortunately for us, two of the channels were highly viewed in our household. They are..


- Cartoon Network HD



After searching on the internet, it seems both of these (especially Cartoon Network HD) have been asked for many times, for over a year. I would like to know why Fios carries the regular definition version of both of these channels, but not the HD option. 

Copper Contributor skohly
Copper Contributor
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I can't speak about the Cartoon Network but the MSG network in HD is something that Cablevision owns and is preventing FIOS from having because Cablevision is scared to death about FIOS. FIOS has sued and the FCC agreed with Verizon but the courts are the ones holding this up.  

Contributor gaurand
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Is it just me, or does Verizon/Fios seem very unresponsive (and hard to reach) regarding customer satisfaction and programming issues? Reading these forums is making me think twice (actually four or five times) about switching, especially given the dearth of HD channels my family enjoys with Optimum. C'mon there is no excuse for not offering Cartoon Network in HD and others (and stop blaming Cablevision for MSG issues, and work on the ones you can fix); Cartoon Network HD has been available for  two years already.  What's the point of having HD connections if the programming is poor and not up to that standard....even at a low get-you-in-the-door price? And I don't need or want more Payperview.


This lack of company response to HD programming requests (in some cases for more than two years) makes this a deal breaker in our family becoming a Fios customer. 

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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MSG is an issue with Cablevision not wanting to let the channel out to Verizon.  No way around that until the court ruling comes out.


Regarding the lack of HD additions, or what has been interpreted here as a lack of response from Verizon, they are currently enabling the ability to add more HD programming.  The word is that some of those channels (Fox Soccer Channel is one I know of) will be rolling out within the next 7-10 days.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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@cxg331 wrote:

.  The word is that some of those channels (Fox Soccer Channel is one I know of) will be rolling out within the next 7-10 days.

Indeed, and BET-HD, TruTV HD, and ID HD are other recent additions.   Unfortunately, In NJ, they also added Telefutura-HD and Univision HD.  Now, I have no interest in any of these channels...or FSC-HD, for that matter.  But just because they don't have a  channel that I'd prefer doesn't mean that I'd want to give up what FIOS does offer.  For example, HDNet, HDNet Movies, and AMC-HD are not offered by all other providers...but they can be found on FIOS.  And the fact that we get the HD signals without any additional compression for the best picture quality possible in today's market...well, all I can say is that I ever have to move, I'd REALLY miss FIOS.  I know that FIOS is very well aware that there is a demand for more HD channels and are working on the technical/legal/business aspects.  And they are also nearly ready with the 1.9 roll-out for ALL subscribers.  So really, just be patient, enjoy the current advantages, and all will turn out well.  I mean, it's nice to have something to look forward to, isn't it?

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I thought that when comcast bought NBC/UNIVERSAL that they were supposse to work with all TV providers and let them have all the channels? as for HDNET and HDNET MOVIES directv carries these as well!

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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@celticpride wrote:

 as for HDNET and HDNET MOVIES directv carries these as well!

Yes, but the originator previously had Cablevision, and they don't carry the HDNet channels. Nor does Time-Warner and (for the most part) Comcast (one of the reason I cancelled Comcast for Verizon.)

Copper Contributor vjnemorin
Copper Contributor
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I truly regret signing a two year contract with VERIZON before carefully studying the FiOS high definition channel line up.

With Cablevision I had so many high definitions channels: FOX Sport 2 (FS2), Tunner Classic Movie HD (TMC HD), Disney Junior HD and etcetera.

Furthermore, all other video service providers (Direct TV, Dish Network, Cablevision, RCN, Comcast, Time Warner and etc.) have provided subscribers a direct line of communication with the Customer Relations/ Customer Service Departments, but in six months I have never been able to find an employee at VERIZON willing to or prepared to entertain my issues correlated to the lack of high definition channels.


I truly regret subscribing to the Bios video service!

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