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Missing Schedules, Missing Logos & Missing Descriptions

Missing Schedules, Missing Logos & Missing Descriptions

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Blackbelt tv channel 319 has no schedule at all to tape off of for the next two weeks starting on monday at 12am. Channel 481 WRNN Rise which is Al Jazeera English has no logo there and neither does channel 482 NHK World. So for the people who are not aware of the fact that verizon just added these channels they will not be tuning in as they will overlook those channels where many of them will simply dismiss them as more paid programming channels. WRNN Rise channel 481 is not to be confused with channel 6 which is WRNN as they are both a part of the Rise Network where channel 481 is Al Jazeera English all of the time. It is a all news channel 24/7 as opposed to the american cable news networks that are basically all opinion shows masquerading as news where Al Jazeera is all news all the time from all over the world which includes american news too. You also have a bunch of movies that have no descriptions at all for them or are simply not listed on the guide at all so people can not tape them. Some examples of those movies are "memory" which will be on the whole month of may where it will next be on at 1:30pm on showtime showcase channel 367 on may 1 then it will repeat at 4:30pm where it will be on the next day too. A movie called "sin" has a blank space on the guide whenever it is on where it will be on again on thursday may 3 at 4:45am on the starz movie channel 344. Channel 1507 supercanal and 463 alerta tv are still wrong where nothing matches on those channels at all plus there are still no schedules at all for channels 1509,1548,1781. The 1.91 IMG upgrade will not fix all of these issues so i hope that you can fix these ongoing problems and are not simply hoping that the new upgrade will remedy them.   

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I just wanted to do a follow up to what i previously posted since i see that some people have been working on it and have gotten some things corrected for me and for the other people who are having similar type issues with the guide data. A brand new channel called "soy latino tv" was just added on channel 477 where the logo is there and it is already programmed into the guide but the schedule that you have running on there is from a previous channel called mexicanal where the new channel that you have up nothing matches on the guide for channel 477. Supercanal channel 1507 is still a channel where nothing matches and neither does anything on channel 463 alerta tv. There are still no logos for channels 481 WRNN RISE and NHK World 482. To refresh a box will not suffice as these are issues that can only be corrected by your data group who you have direct  access to.

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I have had logo for Al Jazeera since the channel started.  The channel is ID'd (labeled) as WRNN Tise, but the logo is clearly A J.





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