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Mother in law has start of Dementia - Fios controller too complicated

Mother in law has start of Dementia - Fios controller too complicated

Contributor dwc_work
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As I stated in the subject, my Mother-in-law has the start of Dementia, and gets very confused with the controller. 


All she wants to do is turn on the TV and Box with one button, and scroll up through a few different channels.  All the different buttons are confusing. 




Volume [up/down]


Channel [up/down]


would be all she would need.


Is there anything like that out there.   She gets frustrated and says that she doesn't want to watch TV, but we know she only says that because she is embarrassed that she can't work the controls.


I have walked in to the room with the TV on a TV channel instead of the Boxes channel, and all I see is static, and her pushing buttons trying to figure out how to fix it (which she never does).


It hurts to see her sooo confused and I would like to make it much easier!



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Platinum Contributor III
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That remote would be great, but if you read the detailed information you will find the following (see THIS PAGE😞


Set-up is easy. There are no codes to enter, just press a couple of buttons and the Tek Pal will set itself. In minutes, it will be ready to work with most TVs. (This remote can be used with a cable ready TV, but not with TVs that use a converter box.)

This indicates that the channel up/down buttons will control the TV and not the STB.  An almost solution, but would still cause problems Smiley Sad .

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A solution that might be cost prohibitive..

Get a TV with a cablecard slot. Set up the card then you can use simple large remotes like the one shown. She will lose the GUIDE and VOD but might be a decent tradeoff.

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How about something like this?









Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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Check out this one. It is dual control tv/cable. Preprogrammed for tv/cable on/off functionality.



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