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NBC Olympic channels added to Verizon FIOS

NBC Olympic channels added to Verizon FIOS

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Thanks to NYCDAVE and Grover8 for reporting this over at DSLREPORTS.


Verizon has added the NBC HD channels for Basketball, Soccer and a 3d Olympic feed to the channel list.  Channels 594, 596 and 1003.



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here is offical channel nbc 4 live nbc sports channel 90  msnbc 103 603hd bc 102 602 hd bravo 185  and on hd there a basketball channel   594 and soccer channel  596 3d channel 1003 to fios program person plz confim ok  london olympics starts on this wednedsday on the nbc sports channel and msnbc with soccer to all bbc american channel  will not cover the olympics . fans wont be on in new york city olympics watch nbc channels only will not miss a thing  ok

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It looks pretty certain that we ARE getting free 3D coverage of the 2012 Olympics on FIOS channel 1003! 


You can read more on this site, as well as see the schedule for the first week.


I can't wait! I don't have the $$ to pay for ESPN 3D, and I didn't have a 3D TV during last year's US Open, so this'll be my first taste of 3D on FIOS. 

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I have been trying for months to find out about the 3D Olympic coverage with Verizon.  When you call them, they know nothing about it.  Two reps told me that the 3D coverage was from July 16-19!  


Thank you for the information!


I don't know why the carriers are not advertising it.  Neither is NBC!

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Just don't try to watch it online... You may not like the results:

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