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Nasa TV

Contributor pnrobin
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Nasa TV is still missing from the lineup. I asked about this when I first got FIOS TV back in 2006 and told it would be 'soon'. This was before I moved and lost fiosTV for 18 Months. How do I officially request this?  Who collects these requests?


 I am in ZIP 20171 (Fairfax County), but I get Loudon County local education programming and not the Fairfax County list the web page says I should so it isn't on local channel 43 like the website suggests it should be. 


I found some other threads that really didn't answer this question properly on where the request for this should be sent.



Contributor southerndude
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I was surfing the Fios site to see where I could put in my request for NASA TV in Carrollton TX and came accross this message board.

I have not found where I can voice my comments so if anyone could post a link to it, it would be appreciated. I have inquired a couple of times in the

past when I had to call verizon over Fios technical issues and I get the same party line when I ask ......it's coming soon or I have heard talk about it,

but nothing for sure.



Copper Contributor ALS
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Yep I like to know if will be added any time soon....it was next on my list to ask for.
Copper Contributor armstrda
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I think "soon" is the default answer they give for all channels.  Here's a brief lists of the channels I was promised would be coming "soon" to FIOS in the portland area when I signed up back in December.




FX HD - this is now available

Spike HD

Copper Contributor ALS
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Its not even listed in boxes guide as "Coming Soon" so that means it will be awhile until they think about adding it.
Copper Contributor elizar
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The best I think you can do is go to www.verizon.com/fiostvcentral where you can find a 'Send Feedback' link in the upper right corner. This past week was the first shuttle mission since I switched to fios and lost NASA tv and boy have I missed it. I'll be really bummed if we don't get it by the time the Hubble servicing mission comes.

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If it get sclose and the NASA channel is not availabke try using the search.


I did a search on "Space Shuttle" and founf that it was on HDNet.  I t was only 1/2 an hour and I don't know what would have happened it it was delayed, but I have to say the picture was awesome and it was the first my boys and I have seen one in HD.


We turned up the sound and had the room shaking.



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