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Netflix Access

Netflix Access

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Is it possible to add Netflix Account to the Widgets or otherwise acces it through my FIOS connection?     I was in San Diego for the Holidays and my son has Time Warner Cable and they can do just that.

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They might have been doing netflix through a different method. Currently Netflix doesn't allow cable companies access to their content.



"Getting a DVR from your cable company? Then don’t expect Netflix to run on it, even if it’s capable of doing so. TiVo boxes supplied by cable TV provider Suddenlink are stripped of their Netflix functionality, Light Reading reported this week.

However, the culprit isn’t the cable company, for once. Suddenlink says it would love to rent out TiVo DVRs with Netflix to its customers, but Netflix’s contracts with the studios don’t allow it to do so. Netflix has since confirmed the story, saying its licensing agreements don’t extend to devices supplied by pay TV providers."

I get netflix streaming to my TV's through the use of my PS3 and Wii, they also can put it through the newer Blu-Ray players and Roku Players available at retailers.

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... and some TV's now even have Netflix built in.   Has nothing to do with the internet provider, but with the equipment on the end of the internet connection.

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i want netflix on my tv how do u put netflix in my widgets

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You can't. Until Netflix is able to secure rights with the studios to allow TV Providers to put Netflix on their set top boxes, you will have to use a PC, a game console, a tablet/mobile device or a TV with Internet view Netflix on a TV. Hopefully that changes soon...

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activate internet capability" it then says please connect your TV to the internet. I am absolutely symied! I've spent hours on all sorts of sites and help/support just keeps shuffling me around from one place to another with no answeres. I was under the impression that a wi-fi capable TV was the way to go...can anyone help me?

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Netflix is available on many TVs and Blu-Ray players. (As are Vudu, Blockbuster, Amazon, CinemaNow, etc.).  Yoyu mentioned you have a Wi-Fi TV.  First, make sure Netflix is even offered (you can look under the Apps section). Not all devices offer the same apps, although Netflix does appear to be on most.  I have it on both my Samsung BD player and my LG TV.   Then you will have to look in the SETTINGS section to set-up.  There are options, for WIRED, WIRELESS, etc.)  If you are using Wireless, you will probably have to enter a security code (usually found on a label on your router, along with Serial number, etc.)  Hope this helps.


By the way, if you want 5.1 audio from Netflix, you might have to connect an optical cable from the device to your A/V receiver.

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Until three days ago, I was able to connect to Netflix on my new samsung smart tv (love it). There were often spoolings happening, but not a real problem. Then, suddenly I would start to spool up a program and just get an error message about no connectivity. After spending hours with different Netflix agents online and no change in connectivity, I mentioned that the tv was hooked up to my wireless home network and they were done with me. They told me to hard wire the ethernet cable and that was it.  Well my tv and router are only twentyfive feet apart and have a direct line-of-sight.

Also, my wireless keyboard I use for  on-screen typing, like this.  Does not work unless I am directly between router and tv!


samsung manual recommends using a  wireless"repeater" for issues like this, so I'm not sure what to do at this point. I'm trying out Hulu, but Netflex is really a better/larger library.  Running an Ethernet cable from router to tv would be a major pain and I'm not sure at all about the repeater.

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