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New Guide Coming Soon. Six Strikes In 10 Days.

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New Guide Coming Soon. Six Strikes In 10 Days.

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Verizon will launch their new guide the 1.92 IMG (interactive media guide) in january where they will roll it out every 2-3 weeks depending on whether customers say if they like it or not. Texas will be the first state that will get it where usually it is new jersey that gets it either second or third while a state like new york gets it last or second to last. The new york release is odd since new jersey and new york have almost the same exact guide so you would think that the guide would be released at the same time in those areas but it is not. Now if you do the math as to what 2-3 weeks will be for a new guide in your area provided that customers do not hate it or there are no severe weather conditions that can prevent the release in some areas then you can figure out how long it may take to roll it out entirely. On november 28 the new six strikes policy will go into place where a isp (internet service provider) will be monitoring the browsing habits of their customers where they will be on the lookout for any customers who download any copyright movies or music that studios want people to pay for. Internet service providers who will be monitoring their customer's browsing will be verizon, comcast, cablevision, time warner, and at&t. If customers are believed to have done anything that violates the policy there will be consequences. There are warnings, then you get throttled where on the sixth violation or strike you will be reported to the content owner of that which was watched without their permission where you will get hit with a lawsuit thanks to your internet service provider telling them that you had done it. Now there have been a lot of lawsuits in the past where people have been accused of downloading or watching things without someone's permission where the courts have almost always sided with the customers because according to the decisions that were handed out a ip number is not really a name. It is very hard to try to identify who is who but if verizon is going to take a stance where they are going to start accusing customers of things that are very hard to prove then they may open themselves up for legal action that can be taken against them by their customers. Google "six strikes" to find out more and be very careful with who you let use your computer to watch things because you could get accused of doing something that you did not do. This also applies to people who have verizon as their isp for their phones too so be careful with who you let use your cell phone.   

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Re: New Guide Coming Soon. Six Strikes In 10 Days.

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I think the subject line of this thread may be a bit misleading.  Is there really a new guide coming in terms of UI, or is this really just a behind the scenes coding change that will be transparent to customers?

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Re: New Guide Coming Soon. Six Strikes In 10 Days.

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This should explain what the original poster was trying to say.

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Re: New Guide Coming Soon. Six Strikes In 10 Days.

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@charliewatts wrote:

This should explain what the original poster was trying to say.

I believe the original post in this thread has unintelligbly combined two unrelated topics so that nobody can make sense out of what he wrote.


1) The current level of the IMG (the "Guide") is 1.9.1. At some point in the future I feel sure Verizon plans to deliver an updated version, maybe 1.9.2, maybe 2.0, maybe something else. And it might be delivered to customers starting in January, or it may not. And it could include new features, or maybe not, and hopefully it will include fixes to some of the known problems, like being unable to pause and restart VOD. As far as I know Verizon has made no statements about what or when some new level of the IMG will become available, but I certainly hope it is soon, there definitely is an immediate need for new functions and fixes to existing problems.


2) The "six strikes" issue relates to illegally downloading music and videos, and Verizon apparently agreeing to "throttle" those users who illegally download the material. I think the link that charliewatts provided is a good introduction to the issue, and that it applies to non-LTE environments only, at least for now, who knows what Verizon will do in the future.


Here is a link to another thread on the throttling subject:


I hope maybe this clarifies this thread a little bit.


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