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New Idea - pay attention!!!1

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New Idea - pay attention!!!1

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So unhappy that not only can I not  find an e-mail address in which to send a complaint to, I have missed my 2nd gold medal stand moment!!!!  We recorded every evening of the Olympics. First night that we missed this, was when Michael Phelps was receiving his last gold medal - in his career. The 2nd time was when May-Trainor were receiving their last gold. Of their lives! Both days, it was cut off just as they reached the medal stand!!!!!  USA gets gold! Superior athletes meet goals - one with the most medals of all time, the other the 3 time Gold Medalist in Women's Beach Volley Ball.  2 of the most publicized events throughout the entire 2012 OLYMPICS. While this happens frequently with Fios, I really would expect that Verizon would be paying attention. I am really miffed about this. That might be the last straw for us. I think that contract is on its way to null and void.

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: New Idea - pay attention!!!1

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No shocker there. Verizon's guide has always been wrong and i too have never had the issues that i have had with any other company that i have seen when it comes to verizon's guide data being as bad as it is. It is not just the olympics. It is almost everything that appears on their guide from movies to sports to news shows to concerts to even fios 1 which is their own channel there is so much wrong with the guide data that it is insane that they have made no efforts to fix any of the issues that exist with it. What they will tell you though is that you can contact all of the channels on your own and perhaps you might actually have the most up to date guide data that you can have so that you can finally set up your dvr so that when you think that a certain program should be there it really is. I like most people have lost count as to how many times i have set things up to tape only to find out later on that what i thought i had set up to tape it turned out that it was really another program there not the one that the guide had listed. Their guide provider is primarily at fault but that does not excuse verizon from the ongoing guessing game that you have to play with their guide where you have to use other online guide providers to even have an idea as to what should be on what channel and at what time. The situation is not going to get any better since verizon employees will now technically be allowed to go on strike effective august 10 where from that point on all of the people who can assist you with the guide data issues will be on strike where 45,000 employees will be expressing how much they hate the fact that verizon takes them for granted and really does not care about them at all. That is of course ironic since there are a lot of customers who actually feel the same exact way where whether they are on strike or not verizon employees have made no efforts to fix the guide.

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