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New VOD menus

New VOD menus

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Verizon is rolling out new vod menus.

For details, check this link.





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My On Demand menu has changed and I do not like the new one. Is there any way to get back the old menu for On Demand? I cannot find anything now.

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Assuming you got the new one that has been discussed elsewhere, then the answer is no.


While it is new there is a chance that if you and others can make specific suggestions or report bugs, they may make changes.

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Afternoon.  Not 100% sure this is the right place. I wanted to complain about the new on-demand menus.  First of all it keeps offering tips and such to go through. Secondly it sucks!  It takes forever to scroll through it. Super pushes what they want you to rent/buy.  It's clunky to maneuver and they should have left well enough alone.  Ugh.  I know nothing can be done about it, but I needed to vent in case someone reads this and would see how **bleep** I am.  Stop screwing with things. UGH

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Totaly agree! The new menu  is a nightmare! They need to go back to the original menu.

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The new menu is terrible! It is ridiculously cumbersome to use.

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Does anyone know how to complain to Verizon about the new diffecult to use VOD menu? I cant find an email address or even a phone # to call to let them know my dissatisfaction. 

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We have just noticed that the on demand menu has changed on us.  IMO, it is much harder to find what we are looking for.  Also there are some shows that we know should be in the on demand listings that we cannot even find anymore.


Is there any way to revert to the previous menu?

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I wish there was a way to go back. It was updated the beginning of December and it is horrible. It doesn't even work. I've been reluctant to call CS as I know it will get me nowhere and take an hour of my time. Last night I had to use my Roku to watch the final episode of Westworld on HBO GO because the new Fios on demand menu initially wouldn't let me select the last episode and then later in the evening the last episode wasn't even on the menu to pick?  Why they can't leave things alone that actually work is beyond me. They apparently are using the Microsoft update playbook..........throw a half @#!$ update out there and let the customers let us know what doesn't work. 

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New On Demand Format is absolutely terrible.  Movies within Premium channels are images instead of titles and take forever to scroll through.  I plan to change to Comcast or cancel all premium channels because it's so time-consuming that it has discouraged me from even bothering to search premium channels.

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