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New VOD menus

Contributor MashaMT
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@CRobGauth wrote:


Verizon is rolling out new vod menus.

For details, check this link.







Agree. Plus it doesn't give you a choice of picking SD or HD format, it randomly assigns it if you pick a program to play. As a premium HBO subscriber I know I have these series on demand for free why is FiOS forcing me to watch an SD quality episode for show that aired in HD, all other episodes are randomly chosen as SD or HD but you no longer have any choice. 

Btw. There are rival cable companies in my area with excellent deals to move to them. And FiOS seem to drop any channel I start watching recently, over 10 channels that I watched dropped in the last few years.  Too expensive and this horrific impossible to navigate and not responsive menu is not worth it any longer. For gods sake FiOS people this is TV programming

NOT tablet menu, what were you thinking ?


Contributor birdbrain
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This new VOD menu that just arrived today is a nightmare that I'm hoping to wake up from tomorrow.  First, I can hardly read the text because the characters are so small and faint. Why? Why are they making me squint? Things used to be very readable. And all the pictures I have to scroll through are a joke. It takes twice as long to find anything and the images themselves are pretty unappealing and unreadable -- just part of an obstacle course that I have to run through now to get anywhere.


There's no way to choose HD. I always watch HD and today I was forced to watch only SD. That's disgusting.  Also, I'm not seeing expiration dates on anything. Or is the text so tiny that I can't see it?


Speaking of expiration dates, some of the series I've been watching have missing shows that were all there a day ago and did not have expiration dates and now they are gone.


Please, get rid of this horrible menu, or at least give us the option to use the old menu which was perfectly fine. Why even change it?

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The new "enhancements" are horrible, and it takes much longer to find movies. Before there were lists that I scanned quickly, but now there are pictures for each movie and the process is slowed down. Who thought this was an improvement? Change for the sake of change is not always a good thing and Verizon has made a mistake!

Contributor VaGent52
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I couldn't agree more. What nerdy coder decided to give us this mess? Everything is very pretty, but much harder to access. Please reconsider this change. On demand used to be fairly easy to access, now it is a horrible mess!

Contributor VaGent52
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I agree with every single comment I have read regarding this topic. The new VOD menu is a hot mess at best. I cannot imagine the meetings that led the folks at Verizon to think this was a good move. I would hope to hear something from Verizon addressing these complaints, but I am not holding my breath. There used to be a huge difference in quality between FIOs and other cable providers. These type of arrogant moves make that gap close considerably!

Contributor Monie1
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Just came home to the "new" vod menu after a very long hard day of pain @ dr office. Home with an ankle injury and on bed rest. Was totally freaked out when i couldnt not access the one thing that makes this pain a little tolerable. Premium Series Shows 😂. And Fios better get it together quick because my 3 year old grand has Yet to discover all of her SESAME STREET shows etc. Etc. ETC. have been removed by some genius of a programmer. Its really going to be a problem then 😲

Contributor Monie1
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My profile says I am a newbie however I have read many of these comments and came to this forum not just to complain yet to let my voice be heard about something we ALL AGREE ON. We all HAVE CHOSEN VERIZON. We all deserve to be treated as valuable customers. These changes effect the way we VIEW and at the very least we deserve notifications in that regard. Certain screen changes have severe impacts on the vision of customers. This was a major change for me, personally without warning. I always thought of Verizon as a company who took pride in customer service. 

Copper Contributor merlin96
Copper Contributor
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Completely agree.  Just got the new menu today and I don't care for it at all. It requires the user to go through so many extra steps even after you finally do find what you're looking for  (seems to divide up unnecessarily steps that were combined before).  Overly cumbersome and tedious!

Contributor dangw18960
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I agree - Verizon mus think we all want our TV viewing to be like a Cell phone or Tablet.


Of course, 5 web pages of complaints and NOT ONE Verizon acknowledgement!


I guess I will call my public utility commission tomorrow and complain about my phone LOL

Contributor Fvm
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The new on demand menu screen is very difficult to maneuver and would like the old screen back

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