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Ok, it's unanimous that the new guide is terrible, BUT WHY??

Ok, it's unanimous that the new guide is terrible, BUT WHY??

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I hate this new guide.  It is hard to read and very very slow.  When i do manage to find what i want i have to wait till it finishes scrolling on it's own so i can then scroll back down to again find what i was looking for.  This has annoyed me so much i am thinking of leaving FIOS.  

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Certainly not unanimous!


This guide is fast and quite readable on my Sony 40-inch HDTV. Of course I have the 7232 DVR, which I believe is necessary to see the guide in full HD, i.e. 2 1/2 hours of programming instead of 90 minutes.


This guide is much, much better than the guide that displayed with my DirecTV subscription for the previous four years.


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The guide seems to work much better if you have HDTV and one of the 7200 series stbs.  But if you have a standard stb and standard tv it is awful.  We have both and the difference is unbelievable.  On the standard stb I can barely read the guide at all and it is very very slow.  The print against the faint background is almost illegible--I have to go up to the tv sometimes to decipher.  Much less of the guide is visible as well.  There should be a way to rollback the guide on the standard boxes rather than have to upgrade and pay more just to read the guide.

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OMG! I just spoke with the Fiber Solutions Technician and he was at a loss as to how to answer my complaint about the display of the TV Guide... the fact that I can barely read it no matter which glasses I put on nor how close/far I sit/stand from the screen. In reading the comments in this section, I do believe the problem has been found. Both of my TVs are digital. I cannot afford 2 flat screen TVs!!! But this must be the problem... the graphics are updated to accommodate the new television.


Verizon, if this is the case, you should offer a solution by making available guides that match the customer's needs! As it is, I must go online to view my channel lineup! How sad is that!!!

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Have  you looked in menu->settings-> video settings?

there are settings in there for SD override and for TV type that may need to be changed to optimize the display of the guide on your set.

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I agree the guide is awful. Changing settings to SD as suggested below makes no difference. The only thing that does help people like you & me see better is changing the guide to the channel guide as your second option -- so you can see a listing of what's on the channel at a certain time. Then mess around with the different scrolling buttons  to find a channel & time of a show,  then press more info -- from there if you want you can record.  Ridiculous but at least it's easier to read. No way am I buying a new tv set for this either.



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Just had Verizon installed in my new home with a new box and in my daughter's house. We both have difficulty reading the guide. Neither of ours looks like the screenshot on this site. The font needs to be larger. So frustrating and overcrowded.
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