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PAC 12 network

Copper Contributor SDBuff
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎06-10-2011
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Since only about 7 people want the channel, I don't see it happening.



Plenty of us bit the bullet and pulled the Verizon plug unfortunately. I have a couple friends who are waiting out til this August but will finally give up a week before the start of the season. Personally, I ran out of patience. Really sucks, because Fios was my favorite MSO to date. Hated to do it, but need to watch all the great content on the P12 network.

Contributor rbenard9
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It's been a full season and no PAC12 Network...no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, etc, etc, etc!  What is going on here?  We are westcoast and while we get the BIG 10 Network...no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, no PAC12 Network, NO PAC12 Network!!!

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Registered: ‎12-24-2011
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pac 12 network isnt doing great at all pac 12 basketball games tournament was move to espn pac 12 network is going be shut down lack of money ok

Copper Contributor Breadnbutters
Copper Contributor
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I'm sure the Pac-12 Network is doing poorly.  Since many/most of the viewers do not have the opportunity to view the product, I can see no other outcome.  I"m sure all of us just want to watch the games and don't care if the Network makes it or not.  Bottom line is, will we have to go another season as if it is 1950 and our only options are to go to the games in person, listen on the radio or read the newspaper?

Copper Contributor eastcoastbias
Copper Contributor
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Come on Verizon, lets get this done.  Please add PAC12 network  We've already missed one football and basketball season.  I can not miss another football season.  Please don't make me go to Time Warner.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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As I say many times, if the PAC 12's asking price were reasonable, Verizon would snap it up.  They're probably demanding too high a price for VZ.

Contributor jtsherman
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Add another voice to the pile of people who want the PAC 12 Network!!!


Contributor bpierson
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When is Verizon going to offer the Pac 12 Network?

Contributor AcuraPower
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Registered: ‎05-02-2013
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We just moved to SoCal and can't believe that Verizon doesn't have PAC 12 Network.  We have season tickets for the Washington Huskies and now we can't even watch the games on TV ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!  


PLEASE ADD PAC 12 NETWORK otherwise we are considering canceling our brand new subscription.  We thought that FIOS was supposed to be the best and now we find out that it's not.



Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Pac-12 Network now has the framework for a deal in place with ATT Uverse (http://blogs.mercurynews.com/collegesports/2013/05/03/pac-12-networks-u-verse-agrees-to-terms-deal-e...).  That leaves Verizon, DirecTV, and Charter as the only major holdouts.  I put the blame squarely on Verizon as the Pac-12 Now has deals with Satellite carriers (Dish), Telcos (lots up and down the west coast, including Uverse), and Cable (Cox, Comcast, Time Warner, Brighthouse).  There is now no excuse if these other major providers can strike a deal, clearly Verizon is holding out for a deal they won't ever get.  Verizon needs to get their act together and stop screwing over their Southern Califoria fanbase especially.

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