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PAC 12 network

Copper Contributor wjsa2013
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-09-2013
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Come on Verizon!  Get the PAC 12 Network!  Most tv providers in the west have the PAC 12 Network.  It is now becoming a competitive disadvantage for Verizon in the western part of the country with so many others having the PAC 12 Network, like Bright House, Comcast, Cox, Dish, Time Warner Cable, Suddenlink, AT&T and others. To keep the subscriber growth continuing Verizon needs to not just offer faster internet, but have at least the same popular programming as the providers they are competing against.   Come Verizon!  Let's do it!

Copper Contributor cjt
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎10-27-2012
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Please add the Pac 12 network to FIOS.  Your competitors are doing it.   West coast viewers would like to view west coast college teams.  You offer Big 10....how about adding Pac 12?

Contributor USCFAN1967
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Registered: ‎09-14-2013
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I'm looking to unbundle so I can finally watch USC football...I've had enough of this.  Anyone have recommendations between Direct TV and Time Warner Cable?  I was thinking Time Warner, because they can offer similar packages for phone/internet.

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I know for a fact that DirecTv does not offer the Pac 12 network. No idea about Time Warner.

Contributor bacani
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Registered: ‎09-16-2013
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How do I view the responses to add Pac 12 Network? I switched from DISH to FIOS because TWC Laker channel but at least DISH offered Pac 12 Network.

Contributor Rojas948
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Registered: ‎09-21-2013
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Why SEC, BTN and ACCN but no Pac-12 Network? I live in California! Verizon should offer an option!!
Contributor UCLABruinsFan42
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Registered: ‎09-21-2013
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It's complete and utter bull**bleep** that as a life-long UCLA fan living in Southern California, who pays a monthly bill to you **bleep** for standard television, I can't see every Bruins fooball game. You guys need to either (a) make the Pac 12 network a part of the standard tv package (why should I have to pay extra to watch UCLA and USC games as a SoCal residient?) or (b) negotiate with the Pac 12 network so that they can show the game, while you still show it on another channel (like FSW or any {word filter avoidance} channel I really don't **bleep** care). Never in my life have I not been able to watch UCLA/USC games. You greedy **bleep** also make HD a premium charge, which is understandable, but why is standard definition so **bleep** terrible. I mean, come on. 15 years ago basic televison was formatted to fit your FULL **bleep** SCREEN, but you guys make the screen so **bleep** small and unfocused intentionally just to make people have to buy HD. But back to my initial complaint, find a way that I can watch every UCLA football and basketball game on the televison service that I pay an honest (and still overpriced) sum for monthly... {word filter avoidance}.

Contributor Signman1
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Registered: ‎09-24-2013
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If we cannot get the Pac 12 channel we will be switching also

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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PAC-12 is not available on quite a few major systems, like DirecTV and Time Warner and Verizon.  Why is that?  Ask yourselves why PAC-12 is being shut out everywhere?  Could it be that PAC-12's asking price is TOO HIGH?  Yeah, I would assume so.  So before you bash Verizon, commend them for refusing to pay a king's ransom.

Contributor gt496
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Registered: ‎09-24-2013
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Time Warner, Dish and numerous other providers have the P12 network available. {please keep your posts courteous}


I am willing to do my part Verizon...I'm willing to pay for the network...what are you doing? Nada, nil, nothing. You aren't even listening to the entire west coast. Could it be because Verizon's origins began on the east coast? That might have legs...time to run with it.

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