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PAC-12 network

Contributor UCLAFan
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Registered: ‎11-07-2012
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Can't seem to find out when or if Fios will carry the PAC-12 network  I'm a big Bruin fan and would like this information. I have called the Fios help line and they must keep those customer service reps in a dark cave as non of them know what I am talking about let alone when it might be available on fios 

btw, I am more than welling to pay extra for the channel just give me that option. No option means I will need to bring my business to DISH , they do carry it at no addition charge.

Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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UCLA Bruin Fan; I just came over to FIOS last week from Comcast and I was shocked to see that PAC12 is not on FIOS. Even Comcast had it , only in SD, and put in the Sports Entertainment Pkg. for an extra charge. I understand that Verizon is in negotiations to add this channel, but no timetable has been communicated. Let's hope it's added soon!


Copper Contributor fzshcg
Copper Contributor
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I'm a Trojan alum and all Pac12 sports fan. I'm also a true supporter of all Verizon products which goes against my belief that you should not have all your eggs in one basket.. However, this Pac12 Network issue and the fact that Verizon customer service reps continue to tell me that they know nothing and have no sense of concern really bothers me. I’ve asked them and their supervisors for some kind of Verizon communication bulletin so FIOS fans understand that Verizon is in fact interested in trying to work out a deal… and still nothing!! Please Verizon, hear us and tell us what you intend to do to broadcast Pac12 sports! The longer this goes on, the more I more toward another provider. Thanks for listening!


Contributor ralph01
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What is the hold up with adding the Pac-12 Network? No negotiations? Want too much per subscriber?
Contributor ralph01
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Registered: ‎10-21-2013
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Why wasn't the Pac-12 Network added to the new sports package? What is the holdup for not adding this network? Please add the Pac-12 Network ASAP!
Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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Because the rest of us are sick of paying for Longhorn Network (seriously only one live football per year!), YES with Yankee games blacked out ouside NYC DMA, and now the regional sports fee!  That's why there is no PAC 12 channel and it's very doubful since there is very little demand in NYC or Texas for the PAC 12 channel.  


If you don't like it switch to your cable comany.  Bye.

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