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Package Change, no Universal Sports HD ch: 596

Package Change, no Universal Sports HD ch: 596

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@bramweiser wrote:

Welllll...maybe not a LIE...more like a relay of old (read: obsolete) information...


Universal Sports used to be on Ch464 some years ago, as a digital off-shoot of the NBC station (at least that's where it was here in NYC).  The time came when NBC, in fact, DID pull it off every system so as to sell it as another individual channel for them to get.  L-a-t-e-r, Verizon started to air the HD version only, on ch596.


..and, now, it got pulled from Extreme viewers like me/us.


So, yes, the customer service person REALLY should have known better what they were telling you, but it wasn't, in my mind, a LIE in the truest sense.

It was not "pulled" from the Extreme tier, it was being offered on as "free preview" that ended on January 31st. When they announced they were adding Unviersal Sports HD back in October they specifically said it was only in the Ultimate tier and the Sports Pass




The "free Preview" is now over so the only way you can only get it with the Ultimate tier or the sports package

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I have been watching this channel for weeks. All of a sudden today I get a message that this is part of a sports Package. We use to get this channel a couple of years ago and it was taken away. Now it comes back as a HD channel and it coast 10 bucks or more. This is the only channel that has winter and summer sports. I pay a lot for my TV service and have been a loyal Verizon customer for years. Just very disappointed in this latest turn of events. 

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How is this any different than if you subscribed when one of the premium channels were on free preview.

You start watching it and then it goes away.

Yes this is longer than others, but I am pretty sure they did it to hook people (especially when people think they need it for the Olympics).

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@Eryeal wrote:

Just a note that I have the Ultimate package, and thought I lost it to.   But as another poster stated, you have to go to subscribe, and it will ask you to activate it free of charge.   So for those of you that have Ultimate and it's not working, try to subscribe to it and it should work.

Just hit the same this morning.  Took me a bit to figure out since most of the Sports package channels were not effected.  but lost Universal sports, NBC sprorts, WFN, Buzzer Beater, and Outdoors channels.  Finally hit the subscribe option and it told me that it was free to add with Ultimate.

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