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Petitions to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Other ways to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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Thanks Spacedebris & DeanG...please let me know where you read that VZ actually filed something with the FCC or took any action.  I haven't been able to get any news on this, but I am trying to get to some of the people in VZ mgmt. who might be able to shed light on the issue.  I don't think VZ is doing anything to block MSNBC HD anywhere.  It's not really in their interest to do that, if I understand correctly.


( sound like more of an MSNBC fan than my wife...she's starting to think CNN is as conservative as Fox...whoa!)


But thanks for bumping the topic.  



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Re: Other ways to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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I'd have to look through my archives to find the first ones that I read but here is a new one


Error exists between keyboard and chair.
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Nickel Contributor
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Re: Petitions to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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Wow very cool article.  Looks like we might get MSNBC and MSG HD early next year at the earliest.  Way to go Verizon... too bad it took years to appeal to the FCC.  Large elephants like Verizon take sometime to start running , but when they do they have lots of power.
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Re: Petitions to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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I spoke to a verizon exec and they don't expect any content before 2011. The agreements are enforce at least through then. It may run longer as the legality of the contracts seems to be intact.

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Re: Petitions to get MSNBC on FIOS!!

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It is 11/30/2009 as I write this.  Still no MSNBC on Long Island, all due to the secretive (to some extent) relationship between MSNBC & Cablevision.  To be really frustrated, many months ago I complained to the FCC.  Within a few days of that, Cablevision contacted me to deny they were blocking Verizon from showing MSNBC.  A lawyer called me, so what chance did I have in answering them back, I'm no lawyer.  I got nowhere.  I find it hard to believe that MSNBC is such a valuable property.  Now I understand that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and since there are many different news channels on FIOS, all that I am asking is to get MSNBC.  MSG HD would be nice, but considering how bad the Knick are playing, no great lose.  Of course next season might be a different story if they play the free agent field correctly.  For now, I would be happy to finally get MSNBC.  Am I asking for so much?  I don't think so.

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