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RSN Fee Increasing to $3.48.

RSN Fee Increasing to $3.48.

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As seen on MyVerizon:


Notice: A Regional Sports Network Fee of $3.48 will be applied within 1-3 billing cycles.Customers currently being assessed a $2.42 Regional Sports Network Fee will see an increase of $1.06 to $3.48



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Yes, that is for the two and a half high school basketball games that Verizon will show on the regional sports network. Verizon blocks an entire channel for this. And regional is considered rather broad, could be from a place hundreds of miles away.

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I just noticed the notice myself.




I have no interest in any of the sports channels. With the introduction tomorrow of "Custom TV" I wonder if it will be possible for me to completely exclude NESN, ESPN, etc., and avoid the Regional Sports Network Fee, or is it supposed to pay for something else? This may, of course, be no less expensive than the bundle I have now.


Which brings to me to my real question. Why, when signing into "My Verizon," is there absolutely nothing, not a single thing, about the Custom TV? For that matter, a snail mail promotion I received this week can be paraphrased as, "Now that you have a 50 Mbps and a Quantum Gateway, you should get 75 Mbps!" The gateway, by the way, isn't needed for the faster speed. I measure 50+ Mbps on the old Actiontec router before the new one arrived. With the increase in the sports and broadcast fees I am not inclined to add another $10/month to my bill for a 50% increase in Internet throughput.


So why, seeing coverage everywhere online, about Verizon offering more flexibility in its TV lineup selections, am I seeing nothing from them about it, as an existing customer? I don't understand the marketing mindset.

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Custom TV is going to replace the Select TV option when you try to change your package.  As of this moment when I log in to my account to make changes I can still see the Select TV option but if you click on compare plans you can see the Custom TV channels.  The change is supposed to happen today.


Curiously I noticed the broadcast channels are missing from the lineup.  Maybe they are eliminating them for Custom TV or it just did not populate yet as they make the changeover.  If so I guess you would have to us an antenna but at least that would remove the $1.99 Brodcast Fee.   Or maybe buy a local pack?


If you do not select one or both of the sports packs you would not pay the $3.48 Sports Fee.


In my area the Prefered and Extreme adds the $3.48 Sports Fee.  Ultimate adds a $4.99 Sports Fee.

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I just switched from ultimate took the custom hd pack . Custom is not for everyone, but will work for others.

As far as the rsn fee goes I did not pick any of the packs that had sports channels yet it said I would be charged an rsn fee. If that is true I will be upset.

I'm not paying a fee for something I don't have.


As far as the channels go here is a page that shows the details and channel lineups that one can choose from. The prices will vary for existing customers though so I wouldn't pay to much attention to them on the page. If they aren't yet available or listed under MyVerizon in the upgrade page they should be real soon.



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Mine is going from 2.42 to 4.99 then next month it will be $9.31 what give a 400% increase in 2 months. will it stop at $9.31???


Estimated Monthly Charges
These estimates are not your actual bills, which will vary based on activation date, changes you make after the order, duration of promotional discounts, usage, balance, adjustments, or installments.
  Services and Discounts Monthly Amount
Existing Double Play $89.99
  • FiOS TV Extreme HD
  • FiOS Internet 15/15
  • $20 Agreement Incentive Included
Existing (Rent): 1 TV Equipment Package $11.99
New DVR Service Discount -$6.00
Existing DVR Service $11.00
  Estimated Monthly Subtotal $106.98
  Taxes, Fees and Other Verizon Charges $7.25
  FiOS TV Broadcast Fee $1.99
  Regional Sports Network Fee $4.99
  Estimated Monthly Charges $121.21
What to Expect on Your 05/18/15 Bill
Your first bill with these services will vary due to partial month charges, one-time charges and duration of promotional discounts.
05/18/15 Estimated Monthly Subtotal $106.98
  One-Time Charges Subtotal $0.00
  Estimated Bill Subtotal $106.98
  Taxes, Fees and Other Verizon Charges $7.44
  FiOS TV Broadcast Fee $1.61
  Regional Sports Network Fee $9.31
  Estimated Bill $125.34


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Nickel Contributor
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You are reading it wrong.  Verizon bills for the upcoming month.  Your current month is prorated so it is $4.32 of the $4.99 charge for the remander of this month added to the next bill plus the 4.99 normally billed.  The month after that will be 4.99.

If you were currently paying the 4.99 RSN and had changed to a plan without the fee you would have seen a credit -4.32 on the next bill.

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