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Recording a show after it starts.. you only get a recording from that spot...not the beginning

Recording a show after it starts.. you only get a recording from that spot...not the beginning

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 (as it says on page 19 of User Guide)


I fear I have made a major mistake switching from Direct TV... this feature worked flawlessly on their DVR (to which I had a 1TB external drive attached) .     I may eat the $400 termination fee and go back..  I think a week on FIOS is about all I can stan.

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Well if you were on the channel already, then you were in the middle of it, then press record, it will save the whole thing.

If you were not on a channel already then just came into it, and press record, no it will not have the whole thing.

DirecTV can't do this also, how would it get the information of the beginning of the movie if it wasn't buffered before?

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Your 100% correct, Direct TV can only record the entire live program if you were already tuned to it, not if you just change to it. I never said that Direct TV could do that and Direct TV never says or implies that either.  Verizon on the other hand explains it this way...verbatim from page 19 of the Verizon FiOS user guide:


To record a show that's currently playing:

o Press the REC button on the remote

Got to the show late? No Problem: If you start recording after the show has started, the DVR will actually record the show from the beginning. So you'll have it all.

To schedule recording of an upcoming program........"

The limitation with Direct TV is obviously because it automatically is buffering channel feed, usually as long as the last couple of hours.... you can even go back and record the previous show if its in that window.  By a sat feed.

Verizon has a fat fiber-optic cable pipe plugged into my house carrying internet, phone and tv with room to spare. Sadly,  I am not the genius you obviously are, Mr. Faraday,  so I'm not certain that Verizon doesn't do something like buffer this stuff on their end and then push it down the pipe to me if I want to see it from the beginning.   Would be an easy qualification in the manual don't ya think? You know ".....Got to the show late? No Problem, as long as you are have been tuned that channel....... "        

Oh wait... this is the same company who matter-of-factly told me caller id would work on my tv, all I had to do was enable it.    Kewl.. I enabled it.   Nuthin.  Called support. Told me it takes 24-48 hours to kick-in.  No prob.  I can wait. Couple days later.. still nothing, called support back.  This time got someone who knew something and they informed me that you need Verizon's Call Assistant and Visual Mailbox for on-screen caller id to work.  Evidently only Verizon, well at least some in Verizon, know  this little tidbit.  (as I'm certain you do as well, von Goethe) Dummy Me, I didn't know that.  Gosh.. maybe a couple lines in a manual or on know for us nitwits.... would that kill them?  

So you are correct, Mr. Wittgenstein, I am a **bleep**. I'm a Verizon customer aren't I?

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I agree that those instructions are a bit confusing.  "Got to a show late?" makes it sound like you were not watching the show already.  If you were not watching the show already and turn the tv on or switch to that channel and record, the instructions make it sound like it will record from the beginning of that block.  That would be great.   Tivo can't do this either, so it isn't a loss for me.  To buffer live television for a time period on every channel would conceivably require better hardware, no?


The other thing that DirectTV does, from what I've seen, is that I like the commercial advertising the ability to quickly record the next time that show or movie is on again.  Very often I find myself switching to a channel and see a movie I love, but its already half way over.  Currently with my Tivo, I have to go into record options, view upcoming airings and choose one.  I wish it was a quicker option. 



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The way that I understand it is that each DVR has two tuners in it.  Each tuner can handle a separate channel.  This is how you can record one show while watching another.  My DVR keeps the last X minutes of the channel I'm on and the channel I last visited (one channel on each tuner).  The amount of time that it keeps is obviously different between HD and SD channels.  Even if my DVR is off, I can turn it on and rewind a bit to what I may have missed.  And, as long as that material is still watchable on the tuner, I can hit record and it will do so retoractively.


As far as next show time, is it really that hard to click "Info" and scroll down to "Upcoming Shows" and choose the one you want?

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