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Regional Sports Network Fee

Regional Sports Network Fee

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@Turkeyboy wrote:

@jsm11482 wrote:

Verizon is optional, income tax is not. So Verizon aren't the crooks here, our gov't is

Sorry but that's **bleep**.  The government is not the one imposing the sports fee, at least from the research I'm seeing, it's a **bleep** way to nickel-and-dime their way to advertise a different price than they actually charge.  No different than lube places advertising price for an oil change then itemizing out inescapable recycling fees, or an airline advertising a ticket then charging extra for the luxury of taking off.  Instead of saying "this is what this costs".


I would feel better if the whole bundle cost more and they didn't try and blame someone else for the charge which is inescapable in the first place.


I noticed it on my bill today when fighting with Verizon for allowing payperviews to be ordered despite purchase controls being turned on, was told they could take it off if they took off all sports channels.  So after RedZone season is over we're downgrading anyway.  Once a la carte cable becomes viable it will be a happy day on earth.


What MagicJack did to our phone bill I hope to someday do to our cable bill.  Verizon is the devil.

Again, it is NOT just Verizon but the Cable/Satellite industry as a whole is doing this. Every single carrier is charging a "Regional Sports Fee". The true way to get around it is to make ALL sports channels their own "tier", that way people who are willing to pay for them would get all the channels at an additional cost and those who do not want to pay for them would get absolutely no sports channels.

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ALL blame goes to the greed of your favorite local sports teams, do not blame Verizon. 

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It is very irritating that we are FORCED to pay that RSN Fee.  So I looked into changing to the Select Plan to reduce my monthly costs. The Select Plan offers less channels at a lower cost, GREAT!  But what a plan, it appears to me to have a POLITICAL AGENDA!  If you like to get news from different sources as I do... YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK.  With the Select plan you get all these LIBERAL News channels: CNN & MSNBC in both standard broadcast & HD, plus you get HLN & the BBC.  BUT FOX NEWS, IS NOT AN OPTION.   IS VERIZON POLITICAL & ANTI CONSERVATIVE?  YOU BE THE JUDGE.

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Downgraded this week, their greed of "just" $3.48 ended up saving me over $40 a month when I went all the way down.  Does not cost them any less to offer me less, but I am saving.


Not to jinx anything but the on demand programming even of channels not offered in the Prime package still appear to be available.  In HD no less, something they were not providing on live tv before I slashed my bill!



I'm filing complaints with BBB and FTC for false advertising, as the price listed for all packages above Prime are different than advertised.  Verizon claimed the reason for this was so that I would know what it actually costs, not think it was part of the bill.  I claim that they should advertise the actual price, because then why not itemize out every other cost associated with running a business.  Won't do anything, but it'll make me feel better.


Had thought about going to Comcast, but they seem to have a "broadcast tv fee" which sounds worse on principle, even if it is half the price.


Seriously, why don't these **bleep** charge everyone a "website fee" or "payroll fee" or a fee for anything else they have to pay.  If it's unavoidable, IT'S THE COST OF THE PRODUCT.  Represent it as such.

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Every month I look at my bill to see what the new "fee of the month" will be.  Now I find I've got a feel to pay for sports channels that I NEVER WATCH!!!!    This is getting ridiculous.  Looks like I'll have to start looking elsewhere for service.  You've gone too far.

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@DePro wrote:

Every month I look at my bill to see what the new "fee of the month" will be.  Now I find I've got a feel to pay for sports channels that I NEVER WATCH!!!!    This is getting ridiculous.  Looks like I'll have to start looking elsewhere for service.  You've gone too far.

I hate to tell you this, but 99% of providers are charging the sports network fees unless you dont get sports channels at all.

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It is high time that the cable companies offer what most people really want: ala carte cable.  Not individual channels but at least catagories of programming.  We prefer movies. NEVER watch sports. We like the Discovery and Travel and History programming.  But if we go down to the Select package, there go all the movies.  Would I be completely incorrect to say that most sports lovers are not big movie buffs, and vice-versa?  Why do we have to take one if we want the other?  It is time to write to our cable providers, and our utility commission, and our lawmakers if necessary to give people a choice.

BTW, losing the SPEED channel was not Verizon, it was programming-hog Fox who bought Speed and turned it into yet another Fox Sports channel, which Lord knows we really needed?


Write letters, people!  Our country is one of supply and demand.  If enough of us demand separate sports packages, then perhaps eventually the providers will supply it.

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Other than trying to mislead the consumer, I don't get why the RSN fee is rolled into the base price of the service. It's not like it's an optional charge--so the real cost of TV part of your service is an additional $2.50 (in suburban Boston), but somehow that doesn't make price they can advertise look nearly as attractive. 

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It's a "double edged sword" as they say. One reason providers like Verizon and DirecTV are charging this fee is so they are able to adjust programming costs based on region (NYC and LA are much more expensive than FL for example). Plus, it gives customers an idea of the rising costs of regional sports channels. Comcast and Time Warner Cable are in the RSN business themselves, so they will always try to mask the costs of these channels and act like they should always be "available to everyone". Is it perfect? No, but I don't think it's so egregious that it warrants action by the BBB or FTC.

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I just received my first bill after renewing my verizon contract, and discovered a charge that the rep didn't mention.  $2.98 Regional Sports Network Fee.   This was not on my previous bill (under the old contract.)  Why am I paying for something I don't use??   Just came from SanFrancisco.  Restaurants are tacking on a 1-4% "Employee Benefits Surcharge" to the bill, besides the 8.5% sales tax.   I used to be that businesses paid their own operating expenses out of regular income.  They worked harder to may a bigger profit.   Gotta keep those profits up!

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