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SD Receiver not updating Guide??

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SD Receiver not updating Guide??

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Hello, I searched everywhere on this website, automatic help, tried the forum, FAQ, and even 'live chat' (they were too busy - that's another story) the bottom line is I haven't been able to find the answer. I have 3 receivers (2 SD and 1 HD Media DVR) on an all fios networked home. Out of these receivers two have absolutely no problem and, for that matter, all other components of the network are fine. That said, 1 of my SD receivers has been having an issue updating the guide, what gives? Ex: after using the guide/ watching shows on a given night, I get no problems. The next day when I turn on the TV I still have no problems except when I try to search the guide I get "updating guide" but it never updates. I have given the guide over an hour an had no success but I have also found a simple but very aggravating fix requiring me to physically unplug the receiver from the wall, wait 30 seconds or more and reconnect. After waiting for the reboot everything works perfectly until the next day at which I am back at square one. This whole ritual has been repeating itself now for about 2 weeks and I am about fed up. The biggest reason I had not pursued this issue beyond self help was my hopes of either it being a known issue and a fix coming soon or just maybe one of the many resets could actually fix the issue. So, after all this I am asking if anyone else has any real solution to this issue? Am I doomed to call and have this receiver replaced or to deal with this issue for all eternity? (**gasp**)


Thanks for your help in advance, Remember I'm ... JustAsking

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Re: SD Receiver not updating Guide??

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I have to admit I have never heard of or seen this behavior.  Since all your other boxes seem fine and the one in question does update when you force it to download (by power cycling), I would suggest that that box has failed in some manor.


The only other suggestion I could give you, besides getting the box replaced, is to call into customer service and ask them to re-load - NOT JUST RESET - the box in question (have the serial number handy).

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Re: SD Receiver not updating Guide??

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by the symptoms it sounds like the STB is not communicating properly with the router. When you reboot the box it will load the first day's worth of the guide immediatly then it will slowly load the next 9 days worth of the guide over usually the next couple of hours. It sounds like you make contact for a short time after the reboot, long enough to get the initial days worth then loose contact while it tries to load the rest.


For self help options, you can try these...


Make sure that the coax cables are tight. might even try reseating them to play it safe. (probably not the issue but it doesnt hurt to try.)


Reset the router. (press the reset button for 20 seconds with the router turned on). Again probably not the problem but no harm in trying


You can unplug the stb overnight. By doing this it will reload the program modules on the stb. (if it is off for more than 2 hours). This one is actually more likely to work.


You can swap the location with your two SD boxes. If the problem follows the box, then you know it is a box problem. If the problem stays in the same location then it is a signaling/cable/splitter issue.


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Re: SD Receiver not updating Guide??

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Ok, first of all I want to thank you for your reply.


Unfortunately, every suggestion from you and the other responder have failed except for verifying if my issue is a signaling/ splitter issue and having a customer service tech re-load the box. I will be calling customer service tomorrow to see if I can get both of those options tested then, I guess its time to give in and have them send a new STB to me.


Thanks again for the prompt reply,

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