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SEC Network/sports networks

SEC Network/sports networks

Contributor jfesler70
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Registered: ‎08-11-2014
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I've asked & asked & asked & gotten NO clear answer from ANYONE representing Verizon regarding the addition of the SEC Network.


Is it going to happen?

Are they even negotiating with the SEC Network?

Why, if they aren't gong to carry the channel, will they be the ONLY major US Cable/Satellite provider to NOT have SEC Network?


Why won't Verizon respond to customer's questions regarding this? We pay our bills on time; don't we deserve an answer to this important question?


The SEC is only the most popular/watched conference in America & when it launches on 16 August, it will immediately be in 87 million homes, but not on Verizon, unless something changes quickly.


Does anyone have up-to-date information regarding this?

Copper Contributor SECFanUpEast
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-11-2014
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"...An official who is privy to the thoughts of SEC leadership has advised customers, 'If I had VerizonFIOS, I would be considering other options.'..."




Verizon I love your service but I guess I have no choice but to start looking seriously at other options.


Honestly I just don't get it. Really.



Copper Contributor dorjwill
Copper Contributor
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I am getting the feeling that there is not a lot of negotiating going on now based on comments from those who have some degree of knowledge.  Pretty consistent comments that you had better find another provider if you want it at launch (8/14). 


This would lead me to believe things are to the point where Verizon is going to have to feel some pain before they come back to the table.  That may well happen once subscribers start dropping FIOS service; but it is no guarantee.  I am not sure what kind of leverage VZ thinks they have here.  The rate card is pretty well set at this point.


Copper Contributor SECFanUpEast
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-11-2014
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@dorjwill -  Bottom line the company books are healthy.  They beat analyst estimates for Q2 (earnings and revenues) and added over 100k FiOS TV users (Videomind).


I doubt that 100k will actually leave because they don't carry SEC Network and even if they do it's not even a net loss.  No incentives to negotiate aggressively now especially since they have little leverage as the last guy at the table. 


Believe me, man I hope I'm wrong. 🙂



Copper Contributor SECFanUpEast
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-11-2014
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Launch date is actually Thurs (8/14) not Sat (8/16). FYI 🙂

Copper Contributor disneynut02
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I have until Sept 6th, the first game will be on ABC!

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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What little hope I had that Verizon was going to get a deal done is now pretty much gone based on this new info. This sucks and I will be changing providers as soon as I can. Verizon has really let me and other customers down. I can't believe all these other major providers were able to get a deal done and Verizon can't.
Copper Contributor dorjwill
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-04-2011
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uaphan - give them until Thu. That is the red letter date with the network launching.

SEC Fan - the issue with the 3Q results will be what kind of guidance VZ gave the Street (if they do that). If they guided at 75 k net subscribers and come in at 30k, they will have some explaining to do. At a minimum, this would have the potential to impact the rate of subscriber growth.
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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Being in an SEC market, I don't see how I could stay with Verizon when every other provider in the Tampa area is carrying the new network. I like my verizon TV very much, and appreciate Verizon negotiating with the network. I will give verizon a little bit of time, but not long before I'm gone.
Copper Contributor seaspur
Copper Contributor
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Well that says enough for me. I may push up my Brighthouse installation earlier so I can catch the date the SEC Network goes live.


However, this is what a representative from Verizon told me in a chat yesterday when I tried to disconnect my cable & phone and break up the bundle (of course he noted I wouldn't get bundle pricing):


{edited for privacy}


The odd part is that when he asked why I was cancelling and I told him, he said "what is SEC?". All I said was "Southeastern Conference." Somehow he knew it was dealing with sports since he mentioned a "game"...and I doubt "Tyler" was his real name, if you catch my drift.

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