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SEC Network/sports networks

SEC Network/sports networks

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I know that down south SEC Network is offered; however, considering you offer the Big 10 network and the Longhorn network nationwide I don't see how a network for such a huge fanbase isn't offered.  Especially for the Ultimate Package.  Can we please get more sports channels, especially in HD?  

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The SEC and Big East networks aren't actual channels, but only single games syndicated to regional sports networks. I live in Virginia, and most of these games here are shown on MASN. In New York, it looks like most games are on SNY or on Verizon's local sports channel upstate.

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Caps09 wrote:

The SEC and Big East networks aren't actual channels, but only single games syndicated to regional sports networks. I live in Virginia, and most of these games here are shown on MASN. In New York, it looks like most games are on SNY or on Verizon's local sports channel upstate.

SEC TV:  "The SEC is the most widely distributed conference in the nation, with landmark broadcast rights agreements with CBS and ESPN through 2023-24.  Each football season, CBS will televise nationally a game of the week, plus two double-headers and conclude each season with the SEC Football Championship Game.  ESPN will televise nearly  400 events each year across multiple platforms, including ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU,, ESPN Classic, the SEC Network, FSN, and CSS.  "  The  main reason I ask is not for football, since the Gators are almost always on major TV, but as an example, the #1 ranked Baseball team?  Can't really watch any of that up here.  Basketball was a joke trying to watch the games.  


And I was referring to the Big Ten network (listed as BTN on the guide)  This is different from the Big East.


So these are actual networks Smiley Happy


Our problem is that Fox sports - Atlantic carries not just SEC TV games but also competes with Big East, ACC and other schools, plus the Magic, Heat, Bobcats, Lightning, Panthers...It's a lot that gets covered in that one network.  The other solution would the "Sunshine Network" which is strictly State of Florida sports.  


Direct TV has an entire tier of Fox sports channels - Fox Florida and Sunshine as part of the offerings - and it would be good if Fios offered more sports channels nationally, especially to the customers already paying for the big packages.  Heck I'd be willing to pay extra to receive so-called "regional" feeds.   

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Caps09 is correct.  The SEC Network and Big East Network aren't acually channels.  They regular TV stations that show programming from these conferences.


For example in Washington DC, SEC Network games are shown on WDCW, the local CW affiliate.  Big East Network games are shown on MASN, which is one of our regional sports networks.


Trust me...I'm a graduate of an SEC school and avid SEC sports fan!

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I just thought of this too- if you don't get a particular game on your regional sports nets, most if not all of these games are available on ESPN PPV channels 1010-1015 and/or and the Watch ESPN app. The TV channels cost extra, but the computer versions are free with your Verizon subscription.
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@jss9669 - again, I was referring to them offering the Big Ten Network nationwide...I know there's no Big East Network.


As far as SEC TV...there was supposed to be an individual channel offered for just SEC sports.  Apparently that's now been offered by ESPN and other carriers, so you're right.  At least now we have ESPN3 as part of our deal  Smiley Happy


However, apparently Sunshine Network is now called Sun Sports, and THAT is an individual channel (for example, in Tampa it's 576 for the Sun Sports HD).  There's also Fox Sports Florida (in Tampa it's 577).  With Direct TV for example, you could get all of these so-called regional channels just paid extra.  I'd be happy to pay a bit extra if needed (though with the price of the Ultimate package you'd think they'd throw it in).  


Anyways, it just irks me that I can watch Texas Longhorn stuff but can't get Sun Sports or FS Florida.  And we used to get the gameplan stuff with cable...will take a look at the upcoming season and see how well we do with the new ESPN3 offerings 


Smiley Happy


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Ahhhh...I see what you're talking about now!  I'm a former DirecTV customer too.  I remember there was a group of channels in the Sports Pack like Fox Sports South, Fox Sports Southwest, SportSouth etc. that had a lot of dedicated SEC programming.


Unfortunately since FiOS is a more "localized" provider, they don't offer a package like that with all of the regional sports networks.  I'd love to have that package again!


I'm glad we've got ESPN3 though.  I've got a PlayOn subscription too so I can watch ESPN3 on my TV.  If you've got an internet streaming device like a PS3, Roku, WD TV Live, or an internet-connected Blu Ray player, you can watch ESPN3 on it with PlayOn.  I've got it on my Blu Ray and my WD TV Live and I love it!

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Verizon Fios needs to add the SEC network so we can watch decent football games. How laughable is it that the carry thr LHN that nobody watches but have not yet signed up to carry the SEC network?
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ESPN just came out with their pricing for carriers a couple of days ago. So far no one has officially signed on to carry it. I hope Verizon does. I suspect they will since the SEC Network is really an ESPN production. Longhorn Network is too and that' sprobaby the reason they carry it.

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I am a huge SEC fan as I went to an SEC school.

With that said, I have no interest in seeing my cable bill go up in cost so I am hopeful that the tv companies get a reasonable deal with them....then again, our bills will still increase either way
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