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Save Funimation Petition

Save Funimation Petition

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Either Heather is not an anime fan or she can speak Japanese Smiley Happy Plus who sleeps in front of their computer. I don't and neither does anyone else. Even though Heather has a job to do, which I respect, she just doesn't get the fact that any anime offered on the web is in a subtext. I just like all the other FUNIMATION fans know about all the sites to view anime, but it is better when you can view it in your own language. If it had not been for the Funimation channel lineup how would we even know what to look for on the anime sites. I like many get the insights of what is new and fresh on anime. We don't need a new service but we do need the corporate office to know that the FUNIMATION fans want this to stay as our channel lineup.

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I just signed up with FIOS and it was installed on Feb 7th. The whole reason why I signed up was for FUNimation! And now they are cancelling ? I have to consider cancelling FIOS since I am still in that 30 day window to do so. I just called customer service to complain about this and was told by the rep " no one told us the cannel was being dropped". So customer service doesn't  even knwo what's going on? I don't have alot of confidence in this company right now.


Heather - is this really how FIOS works? Tell people to go to a website to watch what they want? If I take your advice that really does mean I should cancel FIOS alltogether becasue pretty much any TV progeram is available to watch somewhere online. So what you are telling us all is that FIOS is a useless service and we should just watch everything on the internet?


Also, very disappointed that your customer service reps are clueless as to what is going on.


I am really starting to wish I just stayed with my previous carrier. 

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Heather most people here are upset about us no longer being able to watch Funiamtion on “tv”. We know full well the internet is filled with streaming, but your argument is that we should cancel fios and simply go to the internet to watch anime. Many fans enjoy your service, but you shouldn’t change anything that people view as popular or you’re just asking for trouble. At the end of the day most people enjoy watching something on tv if they can

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Oh Heather, are you for real?  We are anime fans; we KNOW where and how to find it, however, we want the station on our televisions to share the experience with family or friends.  Have you ever tried to view a show crowded around a laptop with a 9 & 11 year old?  I have a large TV screen and I want my anime on the TV!


Do you have any idea how many customers Verizon stands to lose?  I have posted this cancellation on to every forum that even mentions anime and provided the Verizon number to phone to complain and several petition links.  Obviously, your company DOES NOT listen to its customers.  If it did, we all would receive an email telling us we won and can have our Funimation.  Have you noticed that there are no noticeable entries about the bridges station?  What does that tell you??????


Sorry, Heather, I know you're just a moderator and probably got the short straw to damage control the irate anime legion.  But I have to say, the customer rep I talked today was just as upset about losing 262 as i was.  I guess you can't give an opinion; just continue to give us the drivel about how Verizon needs to make changes and move on, blah, blah, blah..... But if this station gets yanked we will all know Verizon is not loyal to its customers and rest assured, we'll all take our business elsewhere.  I think we anime fans have made it abundantly clear what we want.

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Aw man! That's a total drag for you... you just GOT it.  I switched too cuz I could get funimation with Verizon.  I'll be taking my business elsewhere or if I can't get out of this contract, I will have the puniest of puny for service to ensure these folks get as little of my money as possible.  Save Funimation!

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We can't let this happen.


Verizon can not remove this channel...Please don't remove it.



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I canz use internets to finds animes? WOOOOOOW!

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Agreed, lets keep the channel

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I signed the Petition, Love the Funimation Channel, i dont get to watch tv often but when I do sit down in front of it you can bet that the funimation channel is what is on. 


Verizon i will pay a few bucks extra a month if need be to save the channel, and if you can 1 up me and play it in HD I'd pay a few more. 


Ive had Fios for as long as its been available in my town as well as Verizon cell phones and tell people how much I love both of these services and have converted friends and family members to Verizon.


However if you fail to make an alternitive to just dropping the Funimation Channel flat out than you can forget about anymore business comming from me. In the last month alone i have converted 3 people to family plans on VZW and 1 person to Fios. 


Come up with an alternitve dont just drop it im sure multiple people will be more than willing to drop a few bucks a month to save their favorite channel just don't make it crazy expensive.


Thank you,


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