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Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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Had this issue last year, and complained to ABC after missing most of the season of Shark Tank, but here we go again....


I cannot record Shark Tank on Fridays because it runs from 8:00-9:01 PM. Because it runs over by 1 MINUTE, as 2 shows are scheduled for 9PM. To top it off, I haven't seen a way to just record the first 60 minutes of this show -- why not?!


If I'm wrong, please tell me -- but why can't it just record the first 60 mins and just stop?? That extra bogus minute is probably just commercials anyway.


Did ABC or Verizon's TV Programming provider (which sucks, btw*) schedule Shark Tank until 9:01?


Any work-around for this? Or do I need to complain to ABC again?

Thanks for any advice...



*Why do they suck? Because I've had FiOS for 2 years, and have not been able to record *new* episodes of The Simpsons, because it treats EVERY episode as "new"! Doesn't anyone who works on the programming actually watch TV?!

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Silver Contributor II
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Re: Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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Just set it up as a manual recording.... works for me.


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Re: Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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I knew that would be mentioned, but I can't figure out how -- and I've had a DVR for many years ... 😕


That's all I need to know! (Tho, whoever scheduled a show for :01 after an hour should still be flogged!)



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Re: Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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There should be a setting in the menu under recording ,to stop recording 1 minute early,at least i know i cn do that but iuse tivo,. blame ABC for this, thy set the time like this so you'll stay on that channel after the show is over, unfortunatly i've had this happen with NBc as well.,but ABC is the worse offender,this is NOT VERIZONS FAULT!!!

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Re: Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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How to set up a manual recording

  1. Press the Menu button on your remote control.

  2. Select DVR from the onscreen menu.

  3. Select Create Recording from the available options. 

  4. Select Manual Recording.

  5. Enter the appropriate settings for your recording. You'll need to enter the:

    • Channel number you want to record.
    • Start date and start time of when you want the recording to start.
    • End time when the recording should stop.
    • Appropriate Recurring setting (every day, every weekday, never, etc.) 

      Manual Recording Options
  6. After you've selected the Manual Recording Options, select Save.


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Registered: ‎05-05-2012

Re: Shark Tank: Whose fault is this??

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Okay, guys, thanks. The Manual Recording worked.  


First, though, I had to delete the series from the schedule ("This series has already been created. Check the Series Manager") which is unfortunate, because once the new season is over, I'll have to cancel the recording. Then I won't necessarily catch the following season unless I schedule it again. Wash, rinse, repeat.


I originally tried adjusting the current series end time, but it wouldn't let me cut it off, only add to the end time. 


In any event, thanks again -- at least I'll be able to watch the show now! And I already complained to ABC again. 😉




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