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Spanish Package Guide Data Issues

Spanish Package Guide Data Issues

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1583 passiones has been running infomercials almost all weekend long including right now where the guide has programs listed that people would normally watch but they are not there to watch. Try to get an updated schedule for this channel as many of the programs that are on during the week and especially on the weekends do not match. 477 mexicanal just ran paid programming of a law firm from 12pm-12:30pm where it was followed by a program called vision of asia where channel 477 is a mexican channel and the guide claims what should be there is called mente abierta which means open mind. 1540 cnn espanol continues to have wrong data on there not all of the time but it is headed that way because they continue to list a travel show called destinos on there when in fact it is a golf show while the 11am monday through friday show is not listed there correctly either. 1549 canal sur will have the wrong schedule for the next two weeks starting at 1am tomorrow as it has a soccer show called futbol en america listed there when it will not be there. From 9:30am-11pm monday through friday what you have listed on channel 1549 will not match. 463 alerta tv has a show called vida dura that should be there today at 12:30pm where it will repeat at 1am and it will run throughout the week but what is listed there instead is the hard life which is what vida dura means but it is a channel that is in spanish not in english. There are programs on channel 463 that are listed in english too when they should be in spanish. 1582 utilisima is another channel that is wrong where what is playing now is what the guide has listed 1 hour from now where the time change has affected that channel. Channel 474 starting tuesday night throughout the rest of the week along with the weekend will be wrong. At 9pm monday through thursday it should be what you have listed on monday which is a program called giovanni falcone while on sundays at 4pm there should be not be a program called wide angle but instead it should be mek 8. 1507 supercanal what is on now is what the guide claimed was on an hour ago. 1512 has a soccer game that is not listed on the guide. 1646 and 1664 are an hour off where what 1646 claims will be on 1 hour from now is on now and what 1664 has playing right now is what the guide had listed as being on there an hour ago. You do not have any schedules for channels 1509,1548 and 1781. If you go to the search menu and put in "thirst" which is a movie that is on showtime you will see it correctly listed on march 16 on channel 371 at 2pm but the guide does not have it correct on that day or on any other day. It describes it as a korean movie about a priest who becomes a vampire when it is an american movie. 467 and 468 are the same channel where 467 is the hd verison of it where i believe that 467 should at least be in the 500 or above channels with the rest of the hd. If you were to flip through the spanish channels then you will see that a lot of it does not match.

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As a follow up to my previous post i wanted to update you people at verizon to let you know that nothing on channel 1549 canal sur matches. The 6:30am-10:30am show that is on 5 days a week is listed as being on from 5:30am-9:30am which means if you were to tape that program as i do the first hour is not there and you miss the last hour of that program too. The programs that follow it are also off by an hour but another problem that exists with those programs that follow the 6:30am-10:30am show is that the schedule that you have running is completely wrong. From 10:30am to 11pm nothing matches at all. The same goes for the weekend programs too where canal sur has their correct lineup and schedule on their website if you need to verify this. Also just a final note about this channel there is no futbol en america on monday from 1am-3am so if you are provided a schedule that has it listed as being there on mondays on 1am then it is wrong. Another thing that i want to mention to you is that the guide indicates balancesto which means basketball on channel 1535 when in fact what is on is volleyball. This continues to happen often on this channel when it claims to be basketball it is volleyball when it supposed to be baseball it is soccer where this also happens with other sporting events often being wrongly listed on the guide. Channel 1582 continues to be wrong where what is listed as being on 1 hour from now is on right now where channel 1646 also has that same problem too where a movie that according to the guide will be on from 2pm-4pm has been playing since 1pm. What is on 1664 right now is what the guide claims should have been on an hour ago while a movie that has been on showtime all month long that is an american movie is listed wrongly as a korean movie with a different cast, description, and according to the guide it will be in a different language. That movie is "thirst" with lacey chabert that will be on again tonight at 10pm on channel 367 sd 867 hd where it will repeat at 1am tomorrow on 368 sd 868 hd. It has been on the movie channel, showtime and other channels where it always is listed wrongly. Cnn channel 100 sd 600 hd was wrong again this morning where the 5am show was listed as a 1 hour show when it is a 2 hour show that ends at 7am where the 7am show was listed as a 3 hour show that is from 6am-9am when it starts at 7am. Cnn espanol channel 1540 still does not have its 11am show called "actualidad" listed there correctly and the what's the buzz show show is still described wrongly at 1:15pm and 7pm on abc news now channel 108. A recent problem that had been fixed is now an issue again as channels 103 msnbc and channel 104 bloomberg tv are both pulling wrong data for their first look at the news shows where the msnbc one is on at 5am while the bloomberg one is on at 1am. What is currently listed is that they are both supposedly shows about byu film students showcasing their student films.

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