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Suggest Channels to Add to FiOS TV

Suggest Channels to Add to FiOS TV

Admin Emeritus Admin Emeritus
Admin Emeritus
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Everytime I read BBC I keep thinking about Austin Powers when he sings, "Do the BBC! BBC Once! BBC Twice!"




Thank you for all the feedback folks.



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Copper Contributor shkeys
Copper Contributor
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These HD channel would be great to see in the NY lineup before year end.



2. CBS College Sports HD


4. E! HD

5. Cartoon Network HD


Thanks for listening Kathleen.

Copper Contributor HDNewser
Copper Contributor
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Here on Long Island, I'm glad to see you've added Telemundo's channel 47 in HD, as well as New Jersey Network HD, both of which can be received Over-The-Air with a good antenna. But I'd also like to see FiOS add 2 other channels we can get OTA: New York City's ION affiliate, WPXN 31.1 in HD, as well as Connecticut Public Broadcasting's WEDW, Channel 49, in HD.

     As for national networks, I wish FiOS would add BBC America HD, Turner Classic Movies HD, Starz West HD and the reluctant Rainbow networks AMC HD, IFC HD and (if it's even offered in HD) Sundance HD.



Copper Contributor Jazz4Jeff
Copper Contributor
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You have listed NBA-TV several times in your advertisements. Yet, now it's gone.  Please add NBA-TV



Contributor rscoppo
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Prior to coming over to Verizon, we had Comcast service and they provided WGAL, an NBC affiliate station  from Lancaster,Pa. We live about midway between Philadelphia and Lancaster and this station provided excellent regional news coverage as well as terrific weather coverage for this part of the country ... please consider adding them to Verizon's channel lineup.



Contributor fubu
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I have the 250 package and don't get IFC or MSNBC!!  I used to watch IFC on DishNetwork. . ..   now I have to pay to watch it?
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I agree with what people have been saying about adding out-of-market local channels that the competing cable companies carry. Here in the Boston area, Verizon was generous enough to add WSBE, the Rhode Island PBS station in both HD and SD, and Verizon offers it throughout the entire Boston area, while Comcast only offers it in areas closer to Rhode Island. It would be nice if they did this with some of the other Rhode Island channels as well. Also, I would like to see the HD feeds of WMUR, the ABC affiliate in Manchester, and WENH, the PBS station in New Hampshire. The SD feed is carried for both of these channels. I personally think that every single local channel, HD and SD, should be carried in every market.
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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BBC-America HD

Cartoon HD




Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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I'd like to see Comcast Sports Northwest in HD.  Go Blazers!
Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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After reading through the thread I would agree with many of the suggestions, but Sky News definitely got my attention. It would definitely be a good news alternative and a great companion to the BBC news channel we now get. And when it's available HD please.


Good catch simarlow, kudos to you (yes, that was me) ;-)

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