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Suggest Channels to Add to FiOS TV

Suggest Channels to Add to FiOS TV

Bronze Contributor II
Bronze Contributor II
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I just heard from someone over at DSL Reports that they plan to add Ion HD in the first quarter of 2010.
Contributor Destinyswill
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Hi Kathleen,


At the top of our list is NASA TV.  This is a community request.  Many of the science departments in our school district use NASA TV as an instructional aid, both in the classroom and by assigning extra credit viewing assignments for homework.  Prior to switching to FIOS two years ago, I personally had Dish Network, and as such, this wasn't a problem in our house.  I didn't realize we would loose the channel with Fios.  As a result, we have had to maintain Dish network as a local programming provider over the last two years in addition to FIOS to enable the kids to view the assigned programs.  Many of my neighbors also have similar setups or are sending their kids to study groups at homes equipped to receive the channel.   Given teh economy however, and as much I love teh service FIOS has provided, I am unwilling to pay two service providers on an ongoing basis simply because Verizon is not meeting the educational needs of my family or the community.  Sadly, if FIOS is unwilling to offer this award winning educational channel provided to Verizon FREE by the government, I will have to cancel my FIOS service at the end of the contract term and resume full progamming from Dish Network.  I'm sure our situation in Commack is not unique and that it would benefit both the public interest as well as Verizon's family friendly reputation for you to expeditiously add the NASA panoply of channels to your line up - at least in SD.

Silver Contributor II
Silver Contributor II
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2.The Western Channel


Copper Contributor Briani
Copper Contributor
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I might as well pile on: 



2. Cartoon Network HD




6. G4 HD


Copper Contributor bozey45
Copper Contributor
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for those requesting the Westerns channel, that is in the Encore movie package at $14.95 a month in my area. We also alrady have NASA-TV here on FIOS.

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Gold Contributor VII
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@bozey45 wrote:

...  We also alrady have NASA-TV here on FIOS.


That may be true of your VHO (don't know what area you are in), but we are asking for it on a national basis as it is not carried across the whole FiOS footprint.


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Contributor jekeal1
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NASA TV  Please,   been waiting a long time for this. Verizon provides this service with the "Dish" service so why not provide it for us FIOS customers. Please ??

Contributor Lukehamb
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When is FIOS TV in the Buffalo NY area going to bring back RTN (Reto Television Network) It was on channel 11 and I know they did stop broadcasting for awhile, but they are back and not on FIOS. It is available here on channel 2.3, I had to hook up rabbit ears to my  TV to be able to watch it. I also agree with other postings that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) should be in HD. Obviously they show "classic" movies, so they would not have been filmed in HD, but I think they would look much better on the HD tier.

Silver Contributor IV
Silver Contributor IV
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Luke, no movies are filmed in HD.  They have to be transferred to HD masters in order to be broadcast in HD.  (Film has a higher resolution than HD) Right now, even though TCM-HD has launched, they currently are not showing any movies in HD, as of yet.  They are in the process of making HD masters for their library of films...but it will be a while (maybe up to a year) before they will actually have movies to broadcast in HD.


This is definitely the channel I want to see most, above and beyond any other offering. (I had hopes for EPIX, but it seems that, going by the OnDemand preview, their policy is to eliminate picture information from newer films. So that channel becomes almost useless to me.)  On the plus side, movies shown on TCM-HD should look much better than they do on the standard channel, even if they aren't in HD yet.  So certainly, this channel gets my vote!

Contributor Lukehamb
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Yes, most movies are shot on film and transferred to HD, but "Star Wars Attack of the Clones" was the first movie to be shot completely on an HD 24 frame digital system. Slumdog Millionaire, Benjamin Button and Quantum of Solace also used digital cameras. There are a lot more that were shot in digital HD too. That's true, film actually has a higher resolution than digital. I am no expert, so which format looks better at the movie theater or on my HD TV?? Could the average person be able to tell the difference, I don't know.

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